Mets Cookies
He can’t buy the team, but he can eat it, if he’s a Mets or Yankee fan. 21 cookies are $58.50 from Eleni’s NYC.  Certified kosher (dairy) by the Orthodox Union. There are cookie sets for golfers and tennis players too.




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May 2006

Marketplace / Gift-Finder

Best Father’s Day Gifts 2006

Including Low-Cal & No-Cal Gifts For Dads Who Love Fine Food


Every year we get to pick selections of our favorites for Moms.  Also check last year’s list: we still love all those products, too.

See also our Father’s Day 2005 gift recommendations—we still love all of them!



Soda Club:
Penguin Soda & Seltzer Maker


This delicious machine, requiring no electricity, makes regular, diet, and caffeine-free soda—also seltzer—carbonated exactly as you like it. Of all the appliances we tried this year, this is the one we bought for ourselves. Aside from the natural sodas—no more dragging heavy soda bottles from the store or recycling empties. For the table, the bar, the patio, the RV, it will charm guests (kids and adults alike) as it makes great cold beverages. Soda mixes are certified kosher by The Union of Orthodox Congregations. Click here for our review.

LOW-CAL & NO-CAL: Diet Sodas & Great Seltzer!

  • Starter Kit
    Special Price through August $249.00
    (regularly $299.99)
  • Basic Kit
    Plain Casing and Carafe

Penguin Soda Maker

Penguin Carafe



Chocolate Gourmet:
Ugly Truffles

These “Ugly Truffles” are actually quite good-looking and taste like knock-outs. But Dad will get a kick out of the snarky names like Morning After Merlot, Not In Mint Condition, Hairy Coconut, and You Suck Lemon (there’s a key on the box so Dad will know which one he’s eating). Chocolatier/patissier Mary Winslow has a sense of humor, but boy, she makes even better truffles (and cookies, too).

Ugly Truffles


Knipschildt Chocolatier:
Chocolate Cornflake Clusters


You won’t want to pour milk on these corn flakes: they’re wonderfully crunchy and covered with chocolate. At a party with lots of delicacies (and lots of fancy chocolates), we couldn’t tear ourselves away. Each bag contains an assortment of white-, milk- and dark chocolate-coated cornflakes that are a treat with coffee or just for plain snacking. Good things come in small packages: the bag can almost be a Father’s Day “stocking stuffer.” You can combine it with other gifts or use it as party favors. If Dad prefers to be charmed rather than overwhelmed, he’ll like these.

  • Five-Ounce Bag

Cornflakes Bag



Poco Dolce:
Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles With Sea Salt

Kathy Wiley’s handmade bittersweet chocolate “tiles” are the toast of San Francisco: topped with gray sea salt, they are one of our favorite new chocolate addictions. Made of delicious Guittard chocolate, the plain tiles (salt only) are yummy; but we absolutely flip for the 16-piece assortment that includes Aztec Chile (cinnamon, chile, toasted pumpkin seeds),Burnt Caramel Toffee, Double-Roasted Almond and Crystallized Ginger. If dad likes “just a piece,” these pieces are potent!

  • Sea Salt Only or Assorted Flavors
    $16.00 to $32.00


Poco Dolce


Cookies & Cake  

Artisanal Pecan Praline Cheesecake

This luscious, thick New York-style cheesecake is the signature cheesecake at the cheese restaurant in New York City, Terrence Brennan’s Artisanal Fromagerie and Bistro. Made from premium cream cheese with a buttery crust of pecan-shortbread crumbs and pecan praline crunch topping, it can be shipped straight to your dinner table.

  • 9" Cheesecake
    Serves 8 to 12 People





Cooperstown Cookie Company:
Classic Baseball Shortbread


Absolutely delicious shortbread cookies, the great game of baseball, and a wonderful cause: that’s what these cookies are all about. A portion of the profits with Pathfinder Village, a community dedicated to education, personal growth, research and counseling for children and adults who have Down syndrome.

  • Large Tin — 12 Cookies

Baseball Shortbread



“Adult” Brownies


Men tend not to like things too sweet. Dolcielo makes brownies for them and anyone with a discriminating palate. An exceptionally elegant chocolate brownie packed with a sophisticated mix of nuts and liqueur- or liquor-soaked fruit, these are indeed brownies for adults. Available in four flavors plus a plain (and superb) “original,” our favorites are the Bellasanti (red cherries in Cherry Heering liqueur with pecans) and the Celesola (pineapple soaked in Bacardi Gold with macadamia nuts).

  • 12 Brownies

Dolcielo Brownies



Grateful Palate:
Bacon Of The Month Club


Bacon-lovers and Atkins fans will be thrilled to get a membership in the Bacon of the Month Club. A different artisan bacon is delivered monthly, with informative notes on the bacon selection. “Extras” include a tee shirt, club ballpoint pen, toy pig, and a members-only monthly bacon comic strip.

  • One Package of Bacon A Month
    For One Year

    $140.00 plus shipping
  • Two Packages A Month
    $215.00 plus shipping

Or telephone 1.888.472.5283

With artisan bacon, there’s more to life than eggs. Here, a dish of white fish filet and bacon in Madeira sauce. Photo by Radde Suvakov.



Kona Kampachi™:
Pure, Fresh Yellowtail Fish


Kona Kampachi™ is a simply gorgeous Hawaiian yellowtail fish. The fish live in the blue ocean half a mile off the shore of Kona, Hawaii, in waters 200 feet deep, in a controlled hatch-to-harvest environment. Kona Kampachi is similar in flavor and voluptuousness to the popular hamachi yellowtail, but with firmer texture. It is absolutely splendid grilled or as sashimi, or in many recipes. It has some of the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids of all fish, is free from internal parasites and has no detectable levels of mercury or PCBs. We’re so excited about this fish, we hope lots of restaurateurs read THE NIBBLE™ and bring it in. Any Dad who loves fish, needs to eat more fish or loves to grill will appreciate 10 pounds of this! Get a big order and split it with a friend.

LOW-CAL & high-protein: It’s fish (and no mercury or PCBs)!

Phone: 1.808.331.1188
Fax: 1.808.331.8689

Swimming Fish

Cooked Fish




Willapa Oysters:
Pristine, Amazing Fresh Oysters

The best gift for an oyster-loving Dad is a shipment of these fabulous oysters from the purest waters in the continental U.S. You can send the oysters plus a shucking knife and glove. Dad will enjoy the best oysters he’s ever had. They’re a NIBBLE Editors’ favorite and a Top Pick of the Week.  Click here for our review.

LOW-CAL & high protein: one medium oyster has 10 calories!

  • Oysters Per Dozen
    $11.75 to $13.75

Willapa Oysters


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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.