salon tea
This gifts box from Tracy Stern’s contains everything a college student needs to relax and take time out for herself.





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These selections were chosen by CAITLIN BARRETT, who is on the editorial staff of THE NIBBLE and a recent college grad.



December 2005

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Best Gifts For College Students

Reward Hard Work With The Right Gift


It can be difficult buying presents for college students. They have busy schedules and not a lot of space, so most housewares are either unnecessary or simply not an option. We like to give college students gifts that will make their lives simpler and more enjoyable so that they can keep studying hard, get good jobs, and buy us really great gifts someday.

In most cases, shipping and taxes are additional. Prices and items are verified at time of publication, but are subject to change over time.

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We know they already have enough books, but these are ones they’ll look forward to reading.

“Bartending 101: The Basics of Mixology,” by The Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course

Most college kids drink, but they kids drink cheap beer, cheaper wine, and poorly mixed drinks. Give them the gift of a course in mixology, and they will grow up to be not only successful doctors and lawyers, but they will also know how to entertain with class.

  • $10.36

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bartending 101
Help a beer drinker become a

“The New Basics Cookbook,” by Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins

This collection of 875 recipes is a proven way for college students to learn some exciting recipes that include more food groups than pizza and coffee. Good cooks have relied on it for 20 years. Many recipes are involve simple ingredients, are quick to prepare and are easy enough even for first-time cooks. As a bonus, literature majors will appreciate the quotes peppered throughout the book from Margaret Abigail Walker, Lewis Carroll, and Frances de Sales.

  • $13.57

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new basics

Many of today’s best cooks started out
with The New Basics Cookbook.

For College Dorms and Off-Campus Apartments


Senseo Coffee Machine

Since running out to Starbucks everyday is not exactly cost-effective or a time saver, the convenient system from Senseo makes brewing a single cup of coffee as easy as pressing a button. This system is perfect even for dorms without kitchens because there is no messy clean up: simply toss the used pod and rinse the cup. The Senseo Holiday Gift Pack, shown at right, even comes with 2 bags of Senseo pods, 2 pod canisters to store the pods, and a thermal travel mug, so that co-eds will have no reason not to show up alert on the first day back from winter break.

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The easiest coffee machine in the world is available
in holiday black, white, and cobalt blue.

Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster

College students are notorious for skipping breakfast or grabbing leftover pizza slices on-the-go. This handy all-in-one egg cooker and toaster eliminates the need for bad choices. Within four minutes, your favorite collegian can have a brain-fueling poached egg and english muffin sandwich. The toaster slots also accommodate croissants, bagels and hamburger buns; the egg cooker can whip up eggs that are poached, scrambled and hard-cooked. There’s even a slot to warm sausage or canadian bacon—all in one tiny footprint that can fit just about anywhere a hot curlers will. You’ll feel better knowing they’re not hitting the breakfast menu at the local fast food joint.

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egg and muffin toaster
Make toast and eggs in the same space as you can heat hot curlers.

Refreshing Indulgence


Tracy Stern’s Salon Tea Beauty Collection

College women often get so caught up in studying and deadlines that they don’t take the time to do something nice for themselves. Tracy Stern’s Salon Tea Beauty Collection’s Bathing Beauty Gift Box is an attractively packaged gift of rejuvenation and relaxation. Targeted to today’s health-oriented woman, it comes with green-tea infused tea soap, round tea bags filled with organic chamomile, lavender and witch hazel pads to sooth eyes after an all-nighter, tea bath infusion, and one of Salon Tea’s BeauTea Drinking Teas. Each item in the box is made with natural ingredients that help to revitalize the body and mind.

  • Bathing Beauty Gift Box

salon tea
A chocolate and raspberry-colored box full of healthy rejuvenation and relaxation.

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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.