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Our address for mail, UPS, Fed Ex and other deliveries is:

15 West 72nd Street, Suite 33G
New York, NY 10023 USA

We accept deliveries 24 hours a day. However, for perishables, write in advance (editors@) to be sure someone we have refrigerator/freezer space for your product.

Please mark perishables with VERY VISIBLE instructions: MUST REFRIGATE or MUST BE FROZEN.


Please note: We have discontinued our main phone number, 212-595-1800, because of the overwhelming number of solicitations and inappropriate calls.


If you need the number for the purpose FedEx or other delivery, email us and we’ll send it to you.


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We are not accepting individual advertisers, but are working exclusively with networks.

Please note that we are NOT currently considering any changes to our ad network.


For general editorial questions and comments, photo permissions, reprints, product and story suggestions, or to send news releases, contact:

The Editors

Email: Click here

To Send Samples: If you produce a specialty food product that you would like to submit to us for consideration, please read these instructions.




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© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.