Take a plain roasted turkey, add the right specialty foods, and abracadabra: a gourmet feast. Photo courtesy of Butterball.
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THE NIBBLE™ Online Food Magazine Offers Consumers
A Dozen Delicious Ideas to Spice Up
Their Thanksgiving Dinners

November 15, 2005, New York—There’s enough pressure to decide how big the Thanksgiving turkey should be, let alone figure out how to make the appetizers, side dishes, desserts and table decor special. Karen Hochman, Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE™ (online at TheNibble.com) makes decisions easier with twelve delectable items that make even a novice cook look like a world-class gourmet:


1. Aloha From Oregon Cranberry Pepper Jelly. Create great hors d’oeuvres by topping crackers or endive leaves with mascarpone, cream cheese, or brie, and crowning them with a dab of this tasty jelly. Or, use it on biscuits with dinner.

2. North Fork Sweet Potato Chips. It’s a special day, serve a special chip. North Fork’s all-natural sweet potato chips are the best, and their beautiful orange color creates a glorious display.

3. Tsar Nicoulai Caviars. No need to spend a fortune for sturgeon caviar: these infused whitefish roes are simply wonderful. The beet-saffron, ginger, and wasabi flavors bring seasonal red, orange, and green hues to your hors d’oeuvres platter. Serve them on thin slices of radish for a low-calorie, low-cost gourmet treat.

4. Bella Cucina Pumpkin Pesto. Dip pumpkin tortellini or chunks of Bilinski’s Wild Rice Bratwurst Chicken Sausage into this rich pesto. It also can be used to spread on biscuits, to top risotto, in baked potatoes, on pasta, or wherever else your holiday fancies take you.


5. Bissinger’s Turkey Table Settings. Attach place cards to these foil-wrapped chocolate turkeys: if you don’t use place cards, they still make charming table decorations. Always get your chocolate from a fine confectioner: Americans have grown increasingly sophisticated and demanding about their chocolate!

6. Fat Cat Scones. Instead of regular biscuits, the Mandarin Orange Cranberry and Pumpkin Oat Spice scones from this exceptional artisanal scone-maker will be a hit.

7. Truffle Butter from D’Artagnan. The nuggets of black truffles in this excellent butter will dazzle diners on bread, vegetables and potatoes. It’s so good, guests will beg for seconds.

8. Alfredo Aiello Pumpkin Ravioli. Pumpkin ravioli marry a Thanksgiving theme with one of America’s favorite foods—and it’s so easy to make. Just boil and toss with some butter (the truffle butter is amazing!) for a wonderful first course. No grated cheese required!


9. Fizzy Lizzy and Izze Sparkling Juices, and GuS Sodas. Be thankful for better-tasting, better-for-you alternatives to big-brand sodas. These all-natural beverages are a treat for guests who prefer fizzy drinks. Fizzy Lizzy and Izze are fruit juices carbonated with sparkling mineral water. GuS, which stands for Grown-Up Soda, is a sophisticated line of “adult” sodas that uses much less sugar for lower calories, too.

Bonus: Don’t spend time thinking about wine: THE NIBBLE’s wine editor, Kris Prasad has selected affordable choices from aperitifs through dessert wines, for wine connoisseurs as well as guests who just ask for “red” or “white.”


10. Elegant Cheesecake’s Pumpkin Cheesecake. This showstopper is a bit of a luxury, but guests will remember it for years: a pumpkin cheesecake shaped like a pumpkin, covered in pumpkin-colored white chocolate fondant. It’s as delicious as it is stunning.

11. Graeter’s Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream and Apple Cider Sorbet. Graeter’s makes ultrapremium ice cream so dense, it’s almost “chewy.” Their Pumpkin Spice is a masterpiece; their Apple Cider Sorbet is like eating frozen cinnamon stick apple cider, and also can be used as a palate cleanser between courses. 


12. Translucent Chocolates. Many hosts and hostesses enjoy giving party favors at the end of special events. Translucent Chocolates uses stylish, clear boxes to showcase their high-quality chocolate- and toffee-covered nuts and dried fruits. In seasonal colors, they’re almost too beautiful to eat—but everyone will manage.

Karen Hochman is available for interviews to discuss how people can quickly and easily add a few items to their Thanksgiving menu—and look like they’ve been planning for months. Details and links to find each of these items can be found at TheNibble.com, along with photos.


THE NIBBLE, Great Food Finds™, is an online magazine about specialty foods and the gourmet life. It is the only consumer publication and website that focuses on reviewing the best specialty foods and beverages, in every category. The magazine also covers tableware, gourmet housewares, and other topics of interest to people who love fine food. THE NIBBLE grew organically from its 2003 origins as e-mailed product recommendations to New York City wine collectors and gourmets, to a formal Top Pick Of The Week electronic newsletter that reaches a broad national audience of food enthusiasts. The monthly magazine, featuring dozens of product reviews, articles and reference materials, was developed to meet the demands of readers—and to meet a gap in the marketplace—for more extensive information about specialty foods. All content is archived on TheNibble.com for permanent reference and is free of charge.

Media Contact:
Ellen Edelman

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