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Enjoy Elsa’s Story’s sugar free cookies with a warm cup of tea. All photos by Melody Lan.



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December 2005

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Elsa’s Story Butter Cookies

The Sugar Free Cookie Collection


The story behind Elsa’s Story is a bit of a mystery. We don’t know who Elsa was, exactly; even if she was a real person or is a marketing invention. The photo on the box shows the large, happy family at the beach circa 1920, pointed out Elsa. A scant two sentences on the box tell us that Elsa’s kitchen was always open, cookies a-baking; but her recipes were a well-kept secret.

Whoever she may have been, Elsa’s Story today is one of the best lines of packaged cookies money can buy: bakery butter cookies translated to a shelf. Thoughtfully (and thankfully), Elsa has taken some of her extensive line of baked goods and made sugar-free versions.

Like a collection of fine art in a museum, Elsa’s Story’s Sugar Free Cookie Collection is designed to appeal to a variety of interests. Each of the seven flavors in the collection has a distinctly different flavor and texture. Even those new to sugar-free treats will be thrilled with the sugar-free story that Elsa tells.

Many sugar-free cookies, no matter how tasty, have a long ingredient list: there’s a lot going on to create that taste. Elsa’s Story uses natural, familiar ingredients. For example, the ingredient list on the box of Lemon Melts reads: Wheat flour, butter, maltitol*, lemon flavor and lemon. With such fine ingredients, these are not “diet” cookies.  On the small side, as you can see in the photo at the top, they have from 40 to 55 calories apiece. What they are, are delicious, full-flavor cookies that can “pass” as the real deal; and be a sweet reward in the middle of the day or a dessert at the end of it.

*Our favorite sugar alternative

The Collection

Elsa’s Story tells the tasty tale of seven sugar-free cookies:

  • Oat and Cinnamon Cookies. These little bites have oats you can actually see, and they give these cookies great texture and crunch. It was hard to resist pouring them all into a bowl and curling up with a book.
  • Black and White Cookies. A gently swirled design, actually brown and beige, but who’s complaining!
  • Roasted Almond Butter Cookies. The roasted almonds make this one of the most flavor-forward in the collection. The chunky pieces of nuts add great texture and crunch.

cookie platterSugar-Free Oat and Cinnamon and Sugar-Free Lemon Melt Cookies.

  • Classic Almond Slice Cookies. These buttery little morsels are adorned with thin slices of almonds that seem to melt in your mouth.
  • Whole Wheat Almond Cookies. If almonds play a big role in this collection, it’s because they add so much flavor and texture. These almond-studded cookies are crisp and flavorful.
  • Lemon Melts. The light, lemony tartness of these cookies is offset by their crisp butteriness. Enjoy them with plain yogurt for yet another counterpoint.
  • Butter Cookies. These flaky little morsels are superb alongside a cup of tea or with a cool glass of milk.

Finding exceptional sugar-free products can be a chore, but Elsa’s Story’s Sugar Free Cookie Collection is the trophy at the end of the hunt. We plan on telling Elsa’s story at the next tea party we attend.


The Sugar Free Cookie Collection

Kosher Certification: (U)D, Chalav Stam
Under the supervision of Rabbinate Nahariya

  • Average Retail Price $5.99
  • Available at specialty stores nationwide

For more information visit

Prices and flavor availability are verified at the date of publication, but are subject to change over time.


Elsa’s Story packaging, with its pale blue awning ticking stripes, is reminiscent of Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket...although the company is based in Israel.


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