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Fairytale Brownies’ sugar-free Magic Morsels are a rich chocolate treat baked with maltitol instead of sugar. Photo by Melody Lan.


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November 2005

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Fairytale Sugar-Free Brownies

Tasty Morsels for the Sugar-Restricted


Those who are looking to limit their sugar intake need look no further than Fairytale BrowniesSugar Free Magic Morsels. Incredibly moist, rich and chewy, made with Belgian chocolate, they will satisfy anyone’s desire for a sweet chocolate treat.

Each hexagonal box contains twenty bite-sized morsels in sparkling silver wrappers. They are sweetened with maltitol, a natural-tasting sugar derivative with only 2.1 calories per gram (each brownie contains 80 calories—this is not “diet food” because the butter, chocolate and flour pack calories). As those familiar with maltitol  know, this means that these delightful little bites don’t have any “sugar-free” aftertaste—they taste like the real thing. (Click here for our guide to the different sugar substitutes.)

In addition to snacking right from the package, you can enjoy them in more festive preparations:

  • Brownie Parfait. Crumble one Magic Morsel in a parfait or sundae dish, or a wine goblet. Spoon one tablespoon of sugar-free ice cream (we like several brands, including Breyers) or sugar-free yogurt (try Black Cherry), and top with half of the crumbled brownie. Repeat and top with berries or a sprig of mint.
  • Caramel or Fudge Brownie. Warm a Magic Morsel for about 15 seconds in a microwave and top with a sugar-free caramel sauce or fudge sauce. We like Steel’s caramel sauce and The King’s Cupboard chocolate sauces in regular, raspberry and coffee.
  • Brownie Banana Pie. Press a Magic Morsel into the sides of a ramekin or other small dessert cup, creating a “crust.” Fill with sugar-free vanilla or chocolate pudding and top with sliced bananas. Serve chilled.

For snacks, with coffee, in one of the fancier desserts above, sugar-free Magic Morsels are a treat for people with sugar restrictions. The silver and purple gift box will make you a welcome guest.


Sugar Free Magic Morsels

Certified kosher (dairy) by Greater Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth

  • Gift Box
    20 Bite-Size Brownies
    1.2 Pounds

Purchase online at

Shipping and taxes additional. Prices are subject to change.

gift box

Magic Morsels come filled to the brim of a gift box.


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