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October 2005

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Adagio Teas: For A Gift, For Yourself!

Gourmet Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Any Tea ~ A Top Gourmet Tea Experience



With many hundreds, if not thousands, of tea purveyors online, tea-loving consumers can feast upon a Sangria of choices: more types of tea than most retailer could hope to offer. Adagio Tea, which has been selling tea online since 1999, counts more than 100 traditional and exotic tea choices.

The teas are high quality—but more than good tea, Adagio has created a caring community that educates the consumer, brings gourmet tea lovers together, and provides some special amenities not available elsewhere.

First, Adagio gets high marks for being user-friendly:

  • Knowing that often too much decision leads to no decision, they offer live online help in decision-making (weekdays from 10a.m. to 5p.m., Eastern Time). Consult with experts to find teas that match your own preferences, plan tea parties, match teas to menus, chose gifts, et al.
  • With so many choices, you don’t have to make either/or decisions. Tea samplers enable you try small amounts of four or five different teas in the area of your interest (black, green, herbal, e.g.) to compare and decide which you prefer most.
  • Tea Chat, a community bulletin board, lets you read what other tea-lovers thought of the different teas.
  • TeaChef sends samples of “tea of the month” sample with which you can develop recipes and post them for community review, ranking, and possibly, acclaim and prizes (last month’s winner was tofu fried in hojicha, a nutty and mesquite-flavored green tea).

Adagio Teas provides added value:

  • A downloadable tea timer lets you calculate the exact brewing time for every type of tea (Windows only).
  • There’s a comprehensive directory of tea salons all over America—the Zagat of tea rooms, as it were—so wherever you are, or wherever you’re going, you can find a lovely spot for tea. We love this!
  • Tea Muse is a monthly online newsletter with articles and commentary.


And then, Adagio lets you voyage around the world.  Play it safe by trying their versions of your familiar favorites, or strike out into new territory.

  • You can put together exciting tastings: Assam Harmony is an outstanding second-flush (summer) clonal tea from Mangalam, arguably the finest estate in the Assam region, Assam Melody is a flavorful second-flush (summer) tea from the well-regarded Meleng estate, White tea from the Assam region of India. There are three different Darjeelings, plus a white Darjeeling!
  • Ready for a tea party? While Irish Breakfast is enjoyed in the morning, it is also an afternoon tea: a smooth blend of high-grown Ceylon from Sri Lanka and hearty, malty Assam from India. Have some friends over for a classic tea...and perhaps an elegant Darjeeling to compare and contrast.
  • Green tea lover? Instead of generic “green,” how about a sampler of Gunpowder, Kukicha, Mandarin Green, Pi Lo Chin, Sencha Overture and Spiced Green?
  • Want to see what white tea is all about but need guidance to start? A sampler of Snowbud, Song Yang, White Assam and White Peony take you along the continuum of flavors.
  • Need to drink decaf? Try try the sampler of Decaf Citron Green, Decaf Orange, Decaf Oriental Spice, Decaf Raspberry, Decaf Strawberry and Decaf Vanilla. There are 15 decafs in all, including Decaf Ceylon and Earl Grey, and Decaf Peach for lovers of peach iced tea. There are also 18 reds, from classic Chamomile to Blood Orange and Lemongrass; and 13 Rooibos, from Rooibos Earl Grey and Rooibos Jasmine to Rooibos Caramel and Rooibos Mango.

Adagio refers to the slow passage of a classical musical work. In this fast-paced world, it seems poetically appropriate to take some time each day to listen to an adagio, drink some Adagio, and take a few moments to contemplate the small pleasures of life.


Individual Gourmet Teas and Gift Sets


  • World of Tea Canisters
    4 Airtight Canisters with
    25 Gourmet Mesh Bags (4
    different kinds of tea in either
    back, green/oolong, or flavors)
  • World of Tea Canisters
    4 Airtight Canisters with Loose
    Tea (4 different kinds of tea
    in either back, green, decaf, or
  • 16-Ounce Teapot
    4 1-Ounce Tea Samples
  • White Teapot
    6 1-0unce Samples
  • Tea of the Month Club
    6 Months or 12 Months
    $79 to $159

Purchase online at AdagioTea.com

Shipping additional. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

tea cannisters

World of Tea Canisters.
Teapot With 4 Samples. Click here for our review of IngenuiTEA.
white teapot
White Teapot With 4 Samples

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