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When it’s time to reach for the jam, reach for the best. We nibbled our way through dozens of artisan-made jams to find them for you. Photo by N. Joy Neish | BSP.



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June 2006
Updated December 2008

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The Best Strawberry Jams & Preserves

Page 7: Best Mixed-Fruit Strawberry Jam


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After tasting all of those pure strawberry jams and preserves, we turned our attention to the mixed-fruit varieties.

Mixed-Fruit Jams

Given the popularity of strawberry jam, it isn’t surprising that so many companies produce it. What is surprising is the number of manufacturers offering a strawberry-rhubarb jam or preserve. A few companies even make this variety without manufacturing a plain strawberry! Strawberry and rhubarb is the most popular combination, by an order of magnitude, among manufacturers who combine strawberries with another fruit or flavor. 

A few combinations involving strawberries and cranberries were evaluated, but to this reviewer’s taste buds, the cranberry taste invariably overwhelmed the preserve. Strawberries have a relatively delicate flavor, and their taste can be easily “masked” by that of another food item meant to enhance a jam. Combinations of strawberries and liqueurs, hot peppers, herbs, fruits other than cranberries or rhubarb, and even balsamic vinegar were all tested.

Rhubarb, resembling pink celery, is often mistaken for a fruit; but it is a vegetable that is closely related to garden sorrel. It originated in Asia more than 2,000 years ago and was initially cultivated for medicinal purposes. It was not until the 18th century that it was grown for culinary purposes in the U.S. and the U.K. Nutritious and low in calories (a ½ cup has just 15 calories), it is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, and also has some calcium. Photo courtesy of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Inc.


Hot Stuff

  • hot peppersBerkshire Berries Berry Hot Strawberry. If you like jalapeño, you’ll have a hot time with this little bottle of dynamite—not from arid New Mexico, but from the lush wooded hillsides of Massachusetts. It’s not just hot, you can taste the chiles. We ate it at breakfast on corn bread, on a bagel with cream cheese and in a jelly omelet.
     For something else that’s sweet, read our glossary of sugars and sweeteners.


Special thanks to The National Center for Home Food Preservation, Allyn Johnston of Mountain Fruit Company in Chico, CA and Mike at Pacific Pectin, Incorporated, of Oakhurst, CA.

Strawberry Fields Forever

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