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Triple combination oven from Thermador.




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KAREN HOCHMAN, Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE, spends New Year’s Day cleaning out the fridge and all the cupboards.




July 2011


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Oven Conversion Chart

Use This Table As Your Guide



What happens when you find a recipe that’s vague on the oven cooking temperature? What’s the difference between “very hot oven” and “quick oven?” What’s the difference between a “moderately hot” and a “fairly hot” oven?

Think no more: Check this oven conversion chart.

The only rub is that some descriptors have two or three different options (for example, Extremely Hot Oven). The best course is to use the lowest level.


Oven Heat Level Degrees Fahrenheit Degrees Celsius
Extremely Hot
525 274
Extremely Hot 520 270
Extremely Hot 500 260
Very Hot 480 250
Very Hot 475 246
Very Hot 465 240
Hot/Very Hot 450 232
Hot/Very Hot 445 230
Hot 430 220
Hot 425 218
Quick/Fairly Hot 400 204
Moderately Hot 390 200
Moderate/Moderately Hot 375 191
Moderate/Medium 355 180
Moderate/Medium 350 177
Moderately Slow/Warm 340 170
Moderately Slow/Warm 320 160
Slow/Low 300 150
Slow/Low 275 135
Very Slow/Very Low 265 130
Very Slow/Very Low 250 120
Very Slow/Very Low 230 110
Very Slow/Very Low 225 107
Very Slow/Very Low 210 100
Very Slow/Very Low 200 93
Drying 195 90
Drying 175 79
Drying 158 70
Drying 150 66


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