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Build your own You Bar with your favorite ingredients. Here, Cashew Walnut. Photography by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.



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October 2009

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Granola Bars

Page 6: Custom Granola Bars


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In a time when almost everything can be personalized, why not your granola bar? Both companies in this section allow you to customize your granola bar (within limits), and the two offer different options. If you have special requirements, both manufacturers try their best to work with you. Although their approaches vary, I found that both manufacturers have a good product, and I recommend both. In fact, both made my Top 5 Favorites list.

Element Bars (Favorite)

Bars are available in just one size here; nutrition information for your bar is shown and updated on a separate screen as you create it.

Note that if you choose more than five ingredients for your bar, it’s suggested that you cut down to a maximum of five so each has the chance to be noticed in the end product (but Element will build the bar with more than five ingredients if you wish).

As of this writing, you must name your bar before you can order it. There are good descriptions of the four possible bar “cores.”

  Element Granola Bars
Name the bar after yourself or your company, as we did with The Nibble bar, above.

YouBar (Favorite)

Bars are available in small, medium or large sizes; nutrition information for your bar is shown on a pop-up screen as you add the ingredients of your choice.

I like the idea that you can select relative quantities (less, normal or extra) of the sweetening and add-ins that you choose (nuts, seeds, dried fruit). Again, you’ll be required to name your bar before you can order it. YouBar also offers build-your-own shake and mix-your-own trail mix options.

  You BarsHave it your way: Your ingredients, your name.

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