Soy Nuts
Chocolate-Covered and Yogurt-Covered Soy Nuts from Revival Soy. They taste as good as they look. All photography by Melody Lan.






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MELODY LAN refrained from snacking until she discovered “good snacking” with soy.


January 2006

Product Reviews / NutriNibbles / NutriSnacks


Soy Snacks

Snack Food That Can Do Your Body Good


Nutritionists will tell you that the toughest thing for clients to give up is crunchy snacks—and they don’t mean celery! Many recommend converting trans-fat loaded potato chips and pretzels to better-for-you soy snacks. Taking a page from their play book, we searched the category to find the tastiest snacks for a healthier new year. We found them here: when was the last time a traditional crunchy snack delivered protein and isoflavones?

Prices and flavor availability of the products shown are verified at publication but are subject to change over time. Shipping and tax are generally additional.

The Savory


Revival Soy:
Baked Soy Chips

Each full-bodied chip delivers a sturdy crunch that reminds us of the crispy fried noodles tossed in Asian salads—but these are actually baked and contain no trans or saturated fats. If it weren’t for the “70% LESS FAT THAN POTATO CHIPS & FEWER CARBS” label, we wouldn’t have known that these healthy chips are packed with at least 7 grams of soy protein per .9-ounce bag. Some flavors are peppery, some are garlicky, all are super-crunchy. The clever-cute packaging appeals to all age groups. In addition to snacking, you can sprinkle Baked Soy Chips over salads, chowders, or pastas.

  • Baked Soy Chips
    Fifteen .9 ounce bags/one flavor
  • Soy Chips Variety Pack
    11 Assorted Flavors

soy chips
Revival Soy’s Soy Chips in Roasted Garlic & Herbs





This Can’t Be Soy:
Soy Nuts

Compared to peanuts, these flavorful soy nuts contain twice the amount of fiber, are 70 percent lower in fat, and have 42 percent fewer calories. Soy nuts offer a solid crunch, and the natural, slightly sweet flavor shines through the generously seasonings of Chili Lime, Hickory BBQ, Salted, and Onion Garlic (there’s also an Unsalted). They’re great from the bag or bowl, or sprinkled over yogurt, dips, soups, hors d’oeuvres, steamed vegetables, or whatever dish needs a crunchy kick.

  • Soy Snacks
    5-Ounce Package
    24 5-Ounce Packages
  • The Sampler Package
    Includes all 5 flavors

this can't be soy soy nuts
This Can’t Be Soy Soy: Chili Lime



Crunchies Food Company:
Edamame Crunchies

Here’s the dry crunchy version of those heavenly steamed edamame in their shells served at Japanese restaurants. Edamame Crunchies are light and wispy nibbles: the shelled edamame are freeze-dried, leaving all nutrients and soy proteins intact. They’re as natural as can be: absolutely nothing is added so the inherently sweet bean flavor can be fully appreciated. They also make a beautiful garnish or plate decoration, as you can see from the photo at the right.

  • Edamame Crunchies
    3.25-Ounce Pouch


edamame crunchies
Edamame Crunchies



Nutra Nuts:
Grandpa Po’s Original Snacks

If you enjoy those about-to-burst kernels of corn at the bottom of the popcorn bag, you’ll love Grandpa Po’s Original Snacks. Crunchy half-popped golden nuggets made from organic popcorn are combined with organic dry roasted soybeans, which are then tossed in herbs and seasonings. The result is a unique munching experience— crispy, almost-popped, fluffy yet crunchy corn kernels meet the hearty crunch of roasted soy nuts, filling the mouth with an explosion of savory corn and nut flavors. Those with dietary restrictions can nibble with glee, because these snacks are vegan, peanut-, sugar, gluten-, wheat-, and preservative-free. Flavors include Slightly Unsalted, Slightly Spicy and Slightly Sweet to satisfy the slightest whim.

  • Grandpa Po’s Original Snacks
    $28.90 to $36.50
  • Grandpa Po’s Variety 12-Pack

Grandpa Po
Grandpa Po’s Original Snacks: Slightly Sweet



Dr. Soy:
Soy Nuts

If you think you don’t like soy nuts, try the dry-roasted ones from Dr. Soy Trail Mix. Now we love soy nuts and refuse to stop eating them, The same goes for the irresistible salty roasted soy nuts in original, barbeque, or ranch, but the best thing is that we don’t have to distress over how we need to stop munching. Bid farewell to overly salted nuts or greasy potato chips because you won’t be touching those again after you’ve tried these soy nut variations.

  • Soy Nuts
    One 5-Ounce Package
    Six 5-Ounce Packages

Dr. Soy
Dr. Soy Soy Nuts: Ranch

The Sweet


Dr. Soy:
Trail Mix

Dr. Soy’s heavenly roasted soy nuts combined with delicious dried fruits like papaya, dates, and pineapple are a real winner. This is one snack that you can’t just have one handful of!

  • Soy Trail Mix
    One 5-Ounce Package
    Six 5-Ounce Packages

Trail Mix
Dr. Soy Trail Mix: Tropical Blend



Revival Soy:
Yogurt-Covered Soy Nuts

Trade the candy box for something healthier: soy nuts covered in milk chocolate or a vanilla yogurt-based coating. They satisfy a sweet craving, and 15 sweet pieces of either contain only about 4 grams of fat. We alternate between handfuls of Revival’s savory soy chips (above) and the chocolate nuts throughout the day without feeling too guilty.

  • Chocolate-Covered Soy Nuts
    1-Pound Bag
  • Yogurt-Covered Soy Nuts
    1-Pound Bag

Yogurt Soy NutsSweet Treat




So Soylicious

Soy Soy,soy,soy Soy
The Soy Zone, by Barry Sears Ph.D. Discover all the benefits of this world staple—soy. $6.00. Click here for more information.
Soy! Soy! Soy!, by Jeanette Parsons Egan. Soy goes mainstream with 120 healthful recipes. $14.00. Click here for more information.
The Complete Soy Cookbook, by Paulette Mitchell. 320 pages covering all things soy. $13.56. Click here for more information.

Serving Soy in Style

Bowl Small Bowl Martini
Brick Serving Bowl. Perfect for serving snacks in style. $59.95. Click here for more information.
Waechtersbach Mini Red Plates. These little plates are perfect for snacking. $18.95. Click here for more information.
Martini Grande. A grandiose martini for over-the-top snack serving. $19.99. Click here for more information.


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