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March 23, 2010

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The Superb Trio Burger—three different cuts of beef, seasoned with garlic and herbs—is really superb. Photo © Built Burger.

WHAT IT IS: Artisan burgers, stuffed with every good thing under the rainbow.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: So much flavor is packed into each burger from the added ingredients, that no ketchup is required—or even a bun, for that matter.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Brilliant idea, amazing taste. It’s the only burger we want ever want to eat—no kidding.

Built Burgers:
Page 2: The Best Beef Burgers

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Built Burgers: Beef Varieties

The creative chefs at Built Burger have developed wonderful recipes that are truly deserving of names such as Magnificent, Superb and Thrill.

There are currently 14 varieties (but expect more). There’s not a bum burger in the lot. Otherwise stated, this is our Burger Heaven and we’re not leaving!

The beef burgers include:

  • Brilliant Prosciutto Burger: all-natural beef, prosciutto, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, roasted red peppers, balsamic-cooked onions. A different type of “bacon cheeseburger,” and definitely brilliant.
  • Magnificent Chorizo Burger: The original Built Burger is packed with Mexican chorizo, poblano peppers, fresh onion, cilantro and cotija cheese. Yes, it’s magnificent.
  • Marvelous Mushroom Burger: all-natural beef, Gruyère cheese  and fresh mushrooms. A marvelous combination on the more traditional side.
  • Pinnacle Bacon Bleu Burger: all-natural beef, bacon, blue cheese and caramelized onions. Love bacon and blue cheese on your burger? Now it’s in your burger, and you’ll die happy.

Short Ribs Burger
Stellar Short Rib Burger unites the delights of a great burger and short ribs. While all burgers in this article are photographed with buns and garnishes, we ate them straight on the plate and appreciated every nuance of the great flavors in each patty. Photo © Built Burger.

  • Stellar Short Rib Burger: all-natural beef, braised short ribs  and mirepoix (pronounced meer-pwa, the classic French combination of onions, carrots and celery). Chef Daniel Boulud made history with a short rib/burger combo a decade ago (with optional foie gras). Built Burger’s version is so much more stellar, offering an even combination of both flavors. (Sorry Chef Boulud—we still love you.)
  • Super Trio Burger: three all-natural cuts of beef blended with garlic and fresh herbs. It’s the most basic, but you could never call it “basic.” Why aren’t all hamburgers seasoned like this?
  • Supreme Pastrami Burger: all-natural beef, shaved pastrami from Seattle’s famed Market House (producers of great corned beef and pastrami), dill pickles and mustard. You get a burger and a pastrami sandwich in one, and it’s great.
  • Trailblazer Melt Burger: all-natural beef, Gruyère cheese  and caramelized onions. Caramelized onions are one of the most underutilized great foods in America.

If you’re not already drooling over the choices, there’s more! Continue to Page 3 for chicken, turkey, lamb and pork burgers.

Continue To Page 3: Best Chicken, Turkey, Lamb & Pork Burgers

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