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January 10, 2006
Updated July 2008

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Fruit Basket
Eat the “flowers” from Edible Arrangements, petal by petal. Photo by Melody Lan.

Edible Arrangements:
Eating the Bouquet

CAPSULE REPORT: When you can’t think of the right gift and everyone else is sending flowers, what can you do to stand out? Send an “edible arrangement”—a gourmet fruit basket that looks like flowers! That’s part of the concept behind Edible Arrangements, one of our favorite places from which to send thank-you gifts (we’re really happy to receive them, too).

Amid all of the wonderful gourmet foods that come our way, one of the most satisfying treats of the last year was a basket of “long-stemmed fruit” from Edible Arrangements, a company with a growing number of outposts across the country. They don’t ship overnight—the fresh fruit arrangements are too fragile and need to be hand-delivered the day they’re made. But you can order the fruit baskets online and deliveries will be made from a local store. If you’re in proximity to one of them, you’re in luck. If not, convince a local entrepreneur to open a franchise!* Whether for a gift fruit basket or a fresh fruit centerpiece for your own entertaining, you’ll be happy to have one in the neighborhood. Read more in the full review below.

*As of this writing, there are stores in in 36 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, the U.K., even Dubai. Inc. Magazine has named Edible Arrangements one of America’s fastest-growing companies, and new stores are popping up like mushrooms.



At Edible Arrangements, artistic types sculpt cantaloupe and honeydew into leaf-like shapes, create pineapple daisies with melon ball centers, make rosebud strawberries, and turn grapes into exotic blooms. There will be one heck of a “wow” when the cellophane-wrapped “bouquet” arrives.

Each piece of fruit is affixed to a long wooden skewer, which makes eating it fun—and also invites dipping it into fondue or a sauce. If the recipient might bristle at something so purely nutritious, fudge sauce is available, as well as options with chocolate-dipped skewered strawberries and apples, and separate boxes of chocolate-dipped fruit (all delicious).

Serving Suggestions

We love these fab fruits as:

  • Buffet and table centerpieces that become dessert
  • Party food for dieters and guests who don’t want—or can’t have—rich desserts
  • A fun-filled option for kids, who should be trained to be excited about fruit instead of sugary products
  • Workplace party food (where everyone wishes for healthier fare)
  • Gifts for vegans, health and nutrition dévotées, and those who you want to nudge in that direction
  • Pure self-indulgence (sure, you could buy melons, pineapple, strawberries and grapes—but it would never be this exciting)

As with vases at the florist’s, there are numerous choices of container for your arrangement, from stylish baskets to “keepsake” ceramic golf balls and teddy bears. You can add appropriate sentiments: Congratulations, New Baby, Sympathy, Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Get Well, and I Love You (available with pineapple hearts). SpongeBob SquarePants and other kid-friendly containers will make kids more receptive to fruit gifts.

Fruit Trio

For those who want a taste of chocolate, there are arrangements with chocolate-coated strawberries and apple wedges, or jars of chocolate fudge sauce for dipping. Photo by Melody Lan.

One woman we know who is determined to stay on the straight and narrow, sends herself a basket at the beginning of every week as a reminder that low-calorie food is fun. If it isn’t gobbled up by everyone who sees it, the cut fruit will remain perky for a few days in the refrigerator—longer if disassembled and wrapped tightly as you would protect cut fruit (but then, what’s the point).

With Valentine’s Day approaching, think of Edible Arrangements as an alternative to the boxes of chocolate you might ordinarily bestow. It's more from the heart and better for the heart. We think it will get you many more hugs and kisses.

—Karen Hochman


Sculpted Fruit Arrangements

  • From $45 to $200
    depending on size
    and container *

Find store nearest you at:

Orders can then be placed online or by phone.

*Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional. These items are offered by a third party and THE NIBBLE has no relationship with them. This link to purchase is provided as a reader convenience.


Grow Your Own Edible Bouquets

Gourmet Basket
If there’s a healthier and more delicious dessert or gift...we haven’t come across it.

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