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March 9, 2010

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Serve oatcakes with cheese, or make the cheese-and-oatcake treat in the recipe below. Photo by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

WHAT IT IS: Classic Scottish oatcakes.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: They taste homemade: simple, wholesome goodness that is simultaneously indulgent and exciting.
WHY WE LOVE IT: The back-to-old-fashioned-goodness quality of these oatcakes makes you realize that they have been missing from your life.

Effie’s Oatcakes
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Serving Suggestions

There’s nothing more delightful than to sip a fine cup of tea with an Effie’s oatcake—or two, or three. But any time of the day is time for Effie’s:

Breakfast & Snacks Lunch Tea Time
  • Apple Slices & Honey
  • Banana Slices
  • Cottage Cheese And
  • Jam/Preserves
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Egg Salad, Chicken Salad
  • Chèvre & Other Favorite Cheese
  • Ham
  • Peanut Butter
  • Soup


Photo of tea courtesy Effie’s Homemade.

Dinner Dessert Sweet Snacks
  • Cream Cheese & Olive (Or
    Other Garnish) Canapés
  • Pâté
  • Shrimp Salad Canapés
  • Smoked Salmon Canapés
  • With Cheese Course, Salad & Soup
  • Apple Crisp Topping
  • Cheesecake Crust
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Layered Parfaits
  • With Mascarpone, Fruit
    Salad Or Sweet Cheese

Easy Hors D’Oeuvre: Goat Cheese Oatcakes

You can serve this tasty recipe at brunch, as an hors d’oeuvre, as a snack with tea, or as the cheese course.


  • 8-ounce log fresh goat cheese
  • 16 oatcakes
  • Fig vinegar
  • Lavender honey or orange blossom honey
  • Fresh or dried figs for garnish


  1. Divide goat cheese into 16 slices. Top each oatcake with a slice.
  2. Drizzle with fig vinegar and honey.
  3. Garnish with a halved fig.


Plain goat cheese is called for, but you can add more spice to this recipe with a peppered goat cheese log. Cheese available from iGourmet.

The company also makes corncakes. They’re good, but they don’t sing the same siren song as the oatcakes.

—Karen Hochman


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  Effie's Oatcakes
Gift boxes available. Photo courtesy Effie’s Homemade.

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