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April 7, 2009

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Lemon Sugar

The “fruit-flavored sugars” include Lime Sugar, Raspberry Sugar and Lemon Sugar, shown above, as well as Blueberry Sugar and Tangerine Sugar.

WHAT IT IS: Sweet and savory flavored sugars.
WHY IT’S DIFFERENT: Beyond the generally available vanilla- and lemon-flavored sugars, this unusual line lets you take your cooking, baking and beverages to a new dimension.
WHY WE LOVE IT: Exciting new tastes and visuals.

Sugar ‘N Spice: Essential Cane Sweet, Hot & Spicy Finishing Sugars

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Fruit-Flavored Sugars

Two berry flavors are gorgeous to look at, whether added to a food  or beverage, or sprinkled on the plate for a spot of color.

Blueberry Sugar

A visual stunner, the Blueberry Sugar glows exquisitely amethyst. Unfortunately, there’s not much going on with the aroma and the blueberry flavor is too subtle. Still, you can use the lovely blue color to:

  • Rim the glass of a berry smoothie (kid-friendly or with a little rum for the adults).
  • Sprinkle over lemon sorbet—the flavor combination is classic, but the textural and color contrast will surprise.

Raspberry Sugar

Strikingly beautiful, these sparkling garnet grains are coarse with a hard candy-like crunch (see photo above). Like its blueberry cousin, Raspberry Sugar is a bit mild on the nose. But it is far more flavorful: juicy, sweet and tangy.

Lemon Sorbet
Make a simple lemon sorbet dessert more glamorous with a few sprinkling of crunchy Blueberry Sugar. Photo by Elke Florida | BSP.

  • Roll chocolate truffles made with framboise (raspberry liqueur) in the sugar for extra raspberry flavor and beautiful glitter.
  • Sprinkle them on spritz cookies (pressed cookies) and sugar cookies during the winter holidays for crunch and holiday glitz.
  • Dust slices of seared duck breast with the raspberry sugar—bright red berries pair perfectly with duck, and the richness of the bird can stand up to the sweetness.

The citrus sugars are more fine-grained and matte, as opposed to sparkly.

Lemon Sugar

At first sniff, you are brought back to those powdered drink mixes of your youth. The flavor is more mature however; crisp, bright and fresh.

  • Rim the cocktail glass of any cocktail spiked with lemon.
  • Sprinkle Lemon Sugar on a simply grilled piece of mahi mahi or swordfish, right after it comes off the grill—the lemon flavor will brighten the fish like a squeeze of the fresh stuff, and the sugar will bring out the sweetness in the fish itself.

Lime Sugar

The aroma here is nearly identical to the lemon, but it has a touch of that distinctive lime bitterness on the palate.

Lemon Sugar

From top, clockwise: Lemon Sugar, Raspberry Sugar and Clove Sugar.
  • Mix with kosher salt and rim Margarita glasses.
  • Mix a little with cold sparkling water for a quick non-alcoholic lime spritzer.
  • Finish a ceviche with a hearty sprinkling. The lime will mirror the citrus juice in the ceviche and the sweetness will offset the acidity of the dish.
  • Mix with a little chili powder and salt, and sprinkle on freshly cut jicama sticks. This wink to the common Mexican street treat is a great summer snack.

Tangerine SugarTangerine Sugar

This is another color stunner. The peachy-orange sugar is more coarse than the other citrus varieties and has bit more sheen to it. While the scent is fairly bland, the flavor blows the lemon and lime away. It is bright, deep and acidic with a chewy mouthfeel that is fun and candy-like.

  • Sprinkle it on a simple fruit salad, especially one made with tropical fruit.
  • Try it dusted on rolled icebox chocolate cookies before baking. When we tried it, the color was fantastic and the brightness really brought out the richness of the chocolate (similar to the classic orange chocolate combination).


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