It looks like a pot of brewed coffee, but it’s a pot of concentrate you brew, from which you can make 48 cups of hot or iced coffee in a minute. Photography courtesy



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July 2005
Last Updated May 2012

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Toddy Cold Brew System

Delicious, Low-Acid Coffee In A Minute


We thank the Olmecs, Maya and Aztecs in Mexico for cocoa. But their neighbors to the south, the Incas, created a great cup of coffee.

They developed a process for cold water brewing that removed acids and oils, creating a purer taste. Their work of many generations ago makes getting a hot cup of coffee faster for today’s busy person…and gives you the flexibility to decide in an instant if you want your coffee hot or iced.

Intrigued? You do with The Toddy Cold Brew System (previously called The Toddy Coffee Maker), a patented cold water drip system that lets you use your favorite beans to produce coffee with 67% less acid than coffee made by hot brew methods. It’s easier on sensitive stomachs. And, because you make it from concentrate, you can use the concentrate for either iced or hot coffee. If you’re an iced coffee lover, there’s no more need to take up refrigerator space with quarts of it. Here’s how the system works:

Carafe Filter Top
  • Put a pound of your favorite regular grind coffee into the plastic brewing container with the plug and filter at the bottom.
  • Set it atop the glass carafe provided and add cold water.
  • Steep for 8-12 hours, remove the plug, and let the concentrate filter into the carafe. The concentrate gets refrigerated.

While 8-12 hours might seem a bit long to wait for a cup of coffee, the concentrate then enables you to make a fresh cup in 60 seconds. For hot coffee, mix 1 part concentrate with 3 parts water and microwave (or add boiling water). For iced coffee, add the concentrate to cold water and serve over ice. It’s that simple.

Toddy coffee tastes as good as anything we’ve brewed up any other way—in fact, in our opinion, better. Cold water brewing extracts the desirable flavor elements, but eliminates many of the undesirable oils and acids found in hot brewed coffee that are not soluble at low temperatures. Toddy coffee has been recommended by doctors to patients who are sensitive to the acid in hot brewed coffee.

We were skeptics before we tried the Toddy Coffee Maker. Since then, we’ve been a convert.

ADDENDUM, DECEMBER 2005: We don’t know who else endorsed the Toddy Cold Brew System, but the week before Christmas it was the number one seller in Amazon’s Home & Garden store.



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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.