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Indian fruit punch
Try a refreshing Indian fruit punch—perhaps the original  smoothie—as a break from the summer heat. From the book Indian Home Cooking: A Fresh Introduction to Indian Food, by Suvir Saran and Stephanie Lyness.
A Food tip of the day

Ice Cream Coupe

Ice cream can be a great dessert solution for two reasons. First, it’s not filling at the end of a big dinner; and second, it’s a no-fuss proposition. To make it exciting, do what fine restaurants do: serve smaller scoops of three different flavors in a wine goblet or other dish with panache. You can be more casual, serving it with a homestyle cookie and sliced fruit or chocolate sauce; or dress it up with a fancy cookie and a candied orange peel crown.

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The new Online magazine about specialty foods And
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JULY 2005


WELCOME BACK... America’s favorite foodie destination website* and the July 2005 issue of THE NIBBLE.

If youre a lover of specialty foods, artisanal foods or simply someone who savors wonderful things to eat...our goal is to point you to the best.

This month, we tasted some of the best “adult sodas,” artisanal beverages crafted from natural ingredients, with lower levels of sugar. With their pure flavors and sophisticated flavors, they bear no relationship whatsoever to mass-marketed soft drinks. Whether you want some refreshment for yourself or are looking for something special for your guests, we think you’ll enjoy tasting these brands as much as we did.

If you’re not already a subscriber to THE NIBBLE’s Top Pick newsletter, you can have it delivered weekly to your e-mailbox. Of the thousands of specialty foods we taste each year, these are our favorites for both home use and gift-giving. You won’t want to miss them! SIGN UP NOW by clicking here.  

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*From an April 2005 poll of NIBBLE readers

Magazine Section

JULY 2005
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