Knipschildt Coffee Stick
Your gift of these handmade Hot Chocolate & Coffee Sticks by Knipschildt Chocolatier will turn every day into a party day. In Chai, Mocha, and Butterscotch & Whiskey. Photograph by Bjorn Wennerwald.


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July 2005
Updated November 2006

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Gifts For Chocolate Lovers


The gourmet chocolate products that follow are some of those we’ve personally enjoyed and kept in our files.  We think any chocolate-lover would be happy to receive them. Categories include:

You can click through to the manufacturer’s website to order them directly. They are presented in alphabetical order.  Shipping and any applicable taxes are additional.

Please note: Prices and availability are subject to change. While we do our best to keep this information updated, it’s a huge task. If you find updated information before we do, please click here to give us the 411.

Empire Torte


  • Empire Torte’s rich, dense chocolate torte ($45 for a 6-inch, $70 for a 10-inch—click here to read our review)


  • Christopher Elbow Chocolates—stunning to look at as well as to taste (photo above) ($16 for a 9-piece box, $35 for the 21-piece box above—click here to read our review)
  • Domori's entire collection of chocolate bars: Chateau line, Hacienda San Jose, Ethnics line, Grand Blend line, and Seventy-Five line ($3-$6 a bar, click here for our review of Domori)
  • Domori Kashaya, whole shelled and roasted cacao beans, a rare treat for the connoisseur ($11.95)
  • A box of MarieBelle’s beautiful bonbons ($7 for 2-piece box, $47 for 25-piece box, $350 for deluxe leather jewel chest)
  • Pierre Marcolini milk chocolate barPierre Marcolini set of single origin and grand cru chocolate bars or box of tasting palets (for the connoisseur), plus all bonbons and truffles (single origin and grand cru bars, $9; truffles, $15.50 for 6-piece box; $30 for 12-piece box); click here to read our review
  • Michel Cluizel Tasting Boxes are a wonderful way to understand different regional origins and percentages of cacao ($40—read more about them in our review of Michel Cluizel chocolate)
  • Pralus Pyramide des Tropiques, a festively wrapped stack of superb single origin chocolate bars ($48.55—click here to read our review)
  • Recchiuti Confections Tonka Bean Batons, limited edition from exotic Nigerian Tonka beans (fall only, $12), and anything else from the Recchiuti collection 
  • Richart Ballotin Messager, a deluxe assortment with a chocolate card, custom-inscribed with your message ($78 for small, $177 for large; click here to read our review)
  • Lindt White Chocolate Truffles, white chocolate orb with white chocolate mousse inside, will be a hit with white chocolate lovers (19-ounce festive bag, $9.99)


  • Cocoa Nuts old-fashioned almond pralines dipped in El Rey chocolate and rolled in Cocoa Barry Plein Arome cocoa powder—dark, milk, and special flavors ($9 for 4-ounce tin, $15 for 8-ounce tin)
  • Hampton Popcorn’s chocolate-coated popcorn in chocolate caramel, chocolate peanut butter, white chocolate peanut butter, black and white, and chocolate drizzle ($25 to $65 per tin, depending on size, plus a 6 or 12 month Popcorn of the Month Club from $125 to $880, depending on size)
  • Xocoatl AlmondsKnipschildt Chocolatier chocolate Coffee Sticks in 3 flavors of chocolate melt when you stir them in hot chocolate or coffee (photo top left) ($4 a stick, or $10 for three)
  • Xocoatl  chocolate-covered almonds in dark (shown below, dusted with cocoa) or milk chocolate (dusted with powdered sugar) ($4.95 for 4 ounces)

    Photo: Xocoatl’s chocolate-covered almonds drive fans nuts


  • Domori hot chocolate—regular and with chili pepper, from one of the world’s great chocolatiers ($19.95 for 72 sticks)
  • L.A. Burdick hot chocolate—winner of THE NIBBLE’s hot chocolate tasting ($11.50 for a 12 ounce bag—$75 for a 5-pound bag, click here to read our review)
  • MarieBelle hot chocolate—THE NIBBLE tasting runner-up—and her chocolate rose tea, black Ceylon tea flavored with chocolate and embellished with pink roses (hot chocolate: $17 for 10-ounce tin; rose tea: $12 for a 2-ounce tin, click here to read our review)
  • Jeff's Egg CreamsA case of Jeff’s Chocolate Egg Creams, or send a mixed case of chocolate, vanilla, diet chocolate and vanilla, and orange, ($25 for a 24-bottle case, click here to read to read our review)

Chocolate bowlNOVELTIES

  • Joseph Schmidt edible Japanese bowl (above left) of dark and white chocolate in a beautiful gift box ($30)
  • Sugart chocoate sushiSugart chocolate “California Rolls”: dried fruits rolled in white chocolate, rolled in coconut “rice” and wrapped in Belgian dark chocolate “seaweed” ($24 for 7 pieces, $48 for 16 pieces)
  • Koo-Ki Sushi white chocolate sushi ($11 to $55 depending on box size, click here to read our review)

Koo-Ki Sushi Chocolate Sushi
It's hard to believe this is chocolate—presented
in a real lacquer sushi tray. It tastes great, too.


  • Ganache For Lips gourmet lip balm in chocolate mint, chocolate orange, chocolate raspberry, chocolate almond, and chocolate hazelnut ($4 each)
  • Indulge Beauty aromatherapy and bath products in white chocolate mousse—moisturizer, body wash, body polish, candles, et al. ($18 to $28)
  • All of the fabulous Chocolate Bath products in our article, A Perfect Chocolate Bath
  • Richart burlwood chocolate vault, humidity-controlled, with one tray each of their seven flavor families of chocolate—a total of 112 pieces ($750)

Richart Chocolate Vault

  • Sugart candy lawnCustom chocolate and candy sculptures by Sugart on any theme you wish for, like the 6' x 6' “edible lawn” at the right (price varies according to project)

Lawn of chocolate and green Jelly Bellys with pink flamingos (not shown)


  • Chocolate Mill from Williams-Sonoma for instant chocolate shavings on cocoa, cappuccino, sundaes, cakes [give it with a bag of top quality chocolate morsels from Guittard, El Rey or Dagoba]—click here to read our review ($39)

Chocolate Mill

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