platterThis gilded platter will serve any food royally.



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July 2005

Appliance Review / Tabletop / Serveware



Alan Lee Collection

Present Your Food Neoclassic Style


With Alan Lee’s Neoclassic pieces presenting your food, no food will lack sweetness when served on this fancy platter—much like setting food on a pedestal. For elegant brunches, fancy dinner parties, or even a romantic evening, these stunning pieces endow their surroundings with a sense of royalty.

Produced by a team of artisans in New York City, each finely designed piece is handmade, from the painting to the detailed accents. The photos don’t do them justice, but intricate workmanship is as fine as you might expect in the home of actual royalty. Any cake or pastry may be dressed in sparkling copper and gold tones from reflected light.

As befitting such royal workmanship, pieces must be hand-washed.  But, they’re special-occasion pieces.  When not serving your guests, they’ll look beautiful on a buffet with pieces of sculpted fruit.



Artisan Glass

  • Baroque Platter
  • Gilded Neoclassic Cake Stand

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cake stand

The Neoclassic lime platter can transform a plain
cheesecake into a grand centerpiece.





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