Michael Wainright Bowl
Food can be art...as can be the vessels it is served in.  “Beauty” bowl and platter by Michael Wainwright.



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Serving Pieces As Impressive As The Food


Packaging is half the battle. The right platter or bowl can make plain fare look glorious. The wrong one has the opposite effect. In great serveware, plain food is pumped up. In blah serveware, plain food is plopped down.

Stocking up on serving pieces lets you use vivid color or glamorous metallics to present pale foods. You can switch modes from a handmade piece reminiscent of the tableware of King Minos, to the sleekest Scandinavian glass.

Just as you get new accessories for your wardrobe each season, think of serveware as accessories for your table.  (They’re a more permanent investment, too.) We’ll preview some of our favorite pieces in this section. Click here to tell us about yours.

Bowls Pitchers
Platters Specialty


Michael Wainright Bowl of tomatoes Sugar-Creamer
Bowl by Michael Wainwright. Bowl with tomatoes by Rosendahl. Sugar and Creamer by Orbitz.


Nibble Tip

Pieces that seem to be of limited use can multitask to serve several purposes.  These soy sauce dishes, for example, can be used to serve:

  • Lemon slices
  • Individual condiments,
    like chutney
  • Mini sides or accents
    like applesauce
  • Cocktail nibbles
  • Assortments of savory or sweet toppings
    (chocolate chips, nuts, coconut)

Or, place them on larger plates to contain runnier foods.

To send us your multi-tasker serving ideas, click here.

Soy sauce dishes

Photo courtesy of Stash Tea.


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