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An artist’s delight: a palette of glorious colors to feast on.


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July 2005

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European Sources Direct

Love Plates & Love Shakes Collection


Glass dishes with joie de “mange.”


When we first saw these dishes we thought: you just can’t have a bad day when you’re eating from plates like these. Eggs, cereal and yogurt...cottage cheese and fruit...salads...pasta...sandwiches and burgers...seafood and chops—if even the basics are glorified by the bright colors and polka dots of Love Shakes, think of what they do to more glamorous cuisine.

These gemlike, vibrantly colored plates are as pretty as art glass, but are hardy and durable glassware made in Germany by a 140 year old, family-owned glass company Walther-Glas GmbH & Co. The molten glass is dropped into a mold, then pressed into shape. After cooling, the polka dots are painted; then the color is literally burned into the glass. Finally, each piece is covered with a protective coating to guard against scratching.

The Love Plates are made in 26 solid colors and the polka-dot Love Shakes in five dotty combos. They are available in all standard plate and bowl sizes; and they mix and match, enabling you to create luscious mixes to complement your decor.

Change a color, remove a polka dot, and your table setting will change from fun and energetic to cool and you can see in the photo below.

The dishes also complement the company’s Ginger Kelly clear, hand-blown glass collection (with polka dots).

Color chart

Table setting

These high-quality glass dishes are dishwasher safe using mild/non-abrasive detergent. (Hand washing is recommended for the more delicate polka dot Love Shakes, which have been hand painted. They can go into the dishwasher, but hand washing will extend their life.) The Love Plates are microwaveable for rewarming only. Cooking in the microwave with the Love Plates is not recommended.


Raspberry Love Plates Chocolate Plates
Above, Love Plates in Raspberry. At left, Sunshine and Swordfish. Love Plates in Cream, Artichoke and Chocolate.


lkj j kj
Love Shakes in Strawberry Love Shakes in Banana Love Shakes in Blueberry


European Source Collection

Love Plates & Love Shakes

  • 3 plate sizes: salad, dinner, and charger
  • 4 bowl sizes: dessert, salad, serving, &
    large serving
  • Tray

For the retailer nearest you, e-mail:

For more information on the line, visit





Blackberry Shake bowls with White and Burgundy
Love Plates.



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