Aerolatte frothers
With an Aerolatte, it's fun to froth!  Not just hot and cold beverages, but soups and just about any liquid except water.

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Freruary 2005

Appliance Review / Kitchenware / Gadgets


Aerolatte Frother

White With Foam


It’s fun to froth!  Not just hot and cold beverages,
but soups and just about anything liquid but water.


You can whip up lots of excitement with this simple kitchen tool.

The Aerolatte Frother easily blends cocoa powder into smooth hot chocolate with a delicate foam.

It’s also great for cappuccinos, lattes, shakes, and frappes—it will froth any kind of milk. Sophisticated chefs use it to foam cream soups for a bit more presentation panache.

The gleaming chrome-like frother is lightweight and easy-to-use (a 5-year-old can operate it). Just hold the frothing element below the surface of the liquid and flick the toggle button and froth away.  To clean, just rinse in soapy water.

The Aerolatte operates on two AA batteries, which come installed. It comes in an attractive embossed metal case, but ours is never at rest long enough to go back into the drawer. It’s so much fun, we find ourselves giving a quick froth to every ordinary cup of coffee and tea—just for that cute pouf of foam.
Frother 2
A perspective from underneath
shows the frothing element.



Stainless Steel Frother

Includes two AA batteries.Click to purchase.

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Aerolatte CaseTin Case

Aerolatte Stand

Tin Stand


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