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Chocolate Truffle Soap (large bars) smells so much like the real thing, you’ve got to keep it out of the reach of children.





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June 2006

Appliance Review / Good Scents / Bath & Body

Bidwell Botanicals

Calorie-Free Chocolate For The Skin


Bidwell Botanicals’ calorie-free Chocolate Truffle Soap is so fragrant, just leaving it in the soap dish makes the entire bathroom smell like cocoa. It’s one of the finest soaps we’ve come across in years of testing food-scented bath products, richly emollient with cocoa butter that leaves the skin revived.

When we find a few minutes to spare in the tub, we also adore the calorie-free experience of Bidwell Botanicals’ Silk Shakes, in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Made of delicious real foodstuffs that also cleanse—cocoa powder, coconut milk and tapioca—these “shakes” stand out in a world of nice-but-not-memorable bath products. And when you don’t eat them, you don’t add calories!

chocolate silk shakes

For the perfect gift for your chocoholic friends, we suggest Bidwell Botanicals’ Chocolate Obsessions Gift Box. It is filled with luxury chocolate goodies for the ultimate pampering session. The set includes Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub, Chocolate Truffle Hydrating Body Milk, Chocolate Silk Bubbling Milk Bath, Chocolate Truffle Handmade Soap and the Chocolate Cream Lush Lip Balm. It’s a thoughtful gift for the chocolate lover who just doesn’t need the calories at the moment, but will be as thrilled with the gift as if it were a dream box of truffles.

bidwell botanicals

Chocolate Bath and Body Products


  • Chocolate Silk Shake
    8-Ounce Bottle
    16 Ounce Bottle
  • Chocolate Truffle Soap
    4-Ounce Bar
  • Chocolate Obsessions Gift Box

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chocolate gift set
Chocolate Obsessions Gift Box: all of the fun, none of the calories!

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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.