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Pumpkin scents
No need to bake—or consume the calories, when you can inhale the good scents from Hillhouse Natural Farms. The botanical mix (potpourri) shown is from the Pumpkin Collection.



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November 2005

Home Zone / Good Scents / Seasonal Fragrances


Thanksgiving Home Scents

Pumpkin, Cloves, and a Dash of Cinnamon



Save the calories on the pie...just light the candle!

The Thanksgiving turkey wafts through the house just one day in November. But you can scent your home with upbeat aromas every day, with special scents for the holidays from Hillhouse Naturals Farm. Collections like Cinnamon Bark and Pine, Mulled Cider, Pumpkin, Roasted Chestnuts, Spicy Rosehip, Vanilla Clove, and Woods smell good enough to eat.

  • The Spicy Rosehip Collection has top notes of cinnamon, both spicy and sweet. Here, in a fiery-sweet formula that will saturate your senses and fill the air with pure joy, a cinnamon candy fragrance complements an opulent palette of cranberry red rosehips, small evergreen cones and cinnamon sticks, perfect for your own merry-makings.
  • The Pumpkin Collection is the family pumpkin recipe: fresh-cut pumpkin spiced with cloves, cinnamon, vanilla the Hillhouse secret ingredient, a sprinkling of coconut. In the botanical mix, deep oranges, greens and browns intermingle in a potpourri of pods, cones and citrus peel.
  • The Woods Collection is a masculine fragrance—aromatic woods and an overtone of moss. The impressive (and man-sized) botanical mix includes arti pods, jack cones, lafi, bakuli pods and pear pods.


Hillhouse Naturals Farm

Thanksgiving-Inspired Collections

Prices vary depending on collection, size, and product. Most collections feature:

  • Botanical mix: 13 ounces, $17.00,
    1/2-ounce refresher oil, $7.00

  • Candles: pillar candle ($22.00),
    5-ounce candle in glass ($17.50),
    5-ounce candle in a tin ($11.20),
    and votives $2.60)

  • Air Scents: 3-ounce fragrance mist
    ($13.50), .6-ounce sachet
    ($2.70), and diffuser reeds

Purchase online at


Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and scent availability are subject to change.


Cinnamon Bark & Pine

Diffuser Reeds, the 5-ounce Candle in Glass, and the Botanical Mix from the Cinnamon Bark & Pine collection. 


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