Equinox Maple Flakes are a new sweetener that has half the calories of sugar and maple syrup.


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Artisan Honeys, Gourmet Sugars & Syrups

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Is it worth it to spend much more on “artisan” and “varietal” honeys? What does spending more buy you? Does organic make a difference—in honey, sugars and syrups? If you have a favorite gourmet honey, maple syrup or sugar, click on the link to let us know about it.

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Infused honeys add dimensions of flavor to every food they enhance. A tablespoon or two of lavender, chili, star anise or black truffle honey honey can be the star of marinades and glazes, salad dressings, cocktails, honey mustards and dessert toppings. Drizzle them over cheeses, pies, pound cakes and ice creams—and of course, stir some into tea.  If you eat it directly from the jar, we won’t tell.

Palette Fine Foods’ Lavender
Honey. The Anise and Chili
flavors are also tops

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