Lula Belle Toffee
Lula Belle Toffee is made in small batches using pecans instead of traditional almonds as an homage to its producer's Southern roots. We applaud the change. Click on the link to read our review.



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Gourmet Candy

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This section is devoted to casual chocolate* and artisanal candies, made the old-fashioned way.  "Gourmet” candy that tastes as good as it did when your grandmother was a girl, because it’s hand-made in small batches using the finest people who give it plenty of TLC.  You’ll taste the difference! If you have a favorite candy you’d like to share with us, click here to tell us about it.

*There’s so much happening in the world of haut chocolat that we created a separate section just to showcase all of the prestige chocolate brands. Here we’ll cover delicious chocolate, like chocolate-covered marshmallows, mint patties, and novelties.

Product Reviews


  • For seasonal candies (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day et. al.), check out our Gift Finder and our Entertaining Guide.
  • Want to tour a candy factory? Companies from coast to coast open their doors to visitors. Read about them in Food Fun > Events & Travel.

Marzipan by Burdick Chocolates

Beautifully colored marzipan from
chocolatier Larry Burdick


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