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June 2005

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Cookies

Things To Do With Cookies

Besides Just Eating Them, That Is


In-between his many professional appearances, we caught up with the world’s leading cookie expert—the one being who knows that there’s more to do with cookies besides just eating them from the box, bag, and with your favorite beverage. Our interview generated these ideas, but we encourage you to send in your own.  The Cookie Monster will be checking this page from time to time, and he’s looking forward to seeing what you do with COO-KEES.

Byrd's Key Lime Coolers

Use bite-size round cookies to top-off desserts.

Byrd Cookie Company is just one of several fine cookie-makers to create bite-size (or cocktail-size) cookies in a variety of flavors.

Think of using them instead of a cherry on top of ice cream or puddings; to top off a slice of plain cake or pie (sitting atop, a tasty sculptural accent); or to decorate the top or bottom rim of a frosted cake.

Byrd’s sugar-dusted cookie are available in Peach, Razzberry and Key Lime (shown).

Decorate party cakes.

Companies like Eleni’s make themed cookie sets that look great atop a cake and pressed around the sides. Instead of angling over who gets the buttercream rose, guests will be angling for the lobster or the beach ball (so you might want to have an extra box of cookies on the side).

Summer Cookies

Animal Cupcakes
Both cupcake photos courtesy of The Cupcake Fairy, San Francisco. Shoe cookies from Eleni's.

Make killer cupcakes.

Take frosted cupcakes, regular or with sprinkles, and insert an iced designer cookie, standing up, into the top. Whether it’s a sheep or horse from the barnyard below, a flower, or an elegant cookie handbag or shoe, it’s a double treat to the eye and the palate.

Heart  Cookie Shoes

Have cookie story-telling parties.

For the junior set, hold tea parties with character cookies that tell a story. Let each child tell a stories incorporating the characters before they get to eat them.

Barnyard cookie set from Eleni’s.

Elen's Barnyard Cookies

What else?  You tell us!  Click here to send us your ideas.


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