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JUNE 2005


WELCOME BACK... THE NIBBLE™, America’s favorite foodie destination website.*

We tasted up a storm over the last month and are thrilled to present you with the absolute best gourmet English muffins, two exciting new chocolatiers, great ice cream and cake.... If this is beginning to sound like not the best issue to read at the beginning of swimsuit season, wait until you taste Jeff’s Diet Egg Creams—perhaps the best 20 chocolate calories on earth.

Plus, school may be almost out, but this issue has lots of low-calorie “continuing education.” Study our Beef Glossary, Caviar Glossary, Coffee Glossary, and Vinegar 101, and the next time you go shopping, all of the choices will be that much less daunting. If you’ve finished reviewing the Cheese Glossary in last month’s issue, perhaps you’re ready to throw a cheese tasting party for your friends...and we’ve included suggestions in this issue.

If you’re not already a subscriber to THE NIBBLE’s newsletter, you can have our top food pick of the week delivered directly to your e-mailbox. Of the thousands of specialty foods we taste each year, these are our favorites for both home use and gift-giving. You won’t want to miss them! SIGN UP NOW by clicking here.  

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*From an April 2005 poll of NIBBLE readers

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JUNE 2005
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