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June 2005

Appliance Review / Kitchenware / Appliances

Harry Accessory Holder

The Unconventional Organizer For Conventional Needs


Harry the Accessory Holder has arrived to tie up your loose ends. To put it simply, Harry is the conceptual offspring of Cousin It, after a wild weekend in the Octopus’s Garden. Cousin It hands you things; Harry uses his many tentacles, made of pliant aluminum alloy and polyester resin coated in soft PVC, to hold what he’s handed.

When a simple hook is too mundane or too simplistic to hold what you need held, Harry is your man. He’s part tentacle farm (over 100 sturdy wire “hooks”), part amanuensis. He wants to help you hold anything and everything, in every room of the house. You shape the hooks around anything you need to hold—spice bottle, knife, strainer, bottle opener, dishtowel, recipe card, pen...

Harry is also part therapy toy: you can open and curl his tentacles for hours. Harry doesn’t mind; he’s strong, durable, and here to serve. And, he arrives in your choice of five colors, to complement any decor.

Harry can be screwed into a wall for heaver items, or use his suction cups and stick him anywhere:

  • In the bar area, to hold the corkscrew, stirrer, Tabasco, apron
  • By the stove, to hold salt, pepper and other key spices
  • By the sink, for your bottle brush and scouring pad
  • By the back door, to hold glasses, keys, tote bags
Harry unfurling: In his original state, with his hooks
curled, and wrapped around keys.

harry3In other rooms, Harry can be used to hold small tools, toothbrush and toothpaste, or pens His strong construction and pliable design makes him an ideal “hooker” for any room. Bolted, he can hold coats or a hand mixer. In his uncurled state, he’ll even hold messages on your desktop.

But, Harry is more than a laborer. He’s a performance artist. Just look at him. He invites audience participation: yours.

How about a hook-up? Even if you’re not wild about Harry, you can’t help but be charmed.


Organizers in beige, black, blue, magenta and white.

Your choice of five colors and 2 sizes:

  • Harry
    4.75" diameter x 3.75" high
  • Harry Jr.
    3.55" diameter x 3.75" high

Purchase online at Formila.com


Shipping additional. Prices and color availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.


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