Jeff's Diet Egg Creams in chocolate and vanilla solve the craving for something sweet, sugar-free, and 20 calories. Glasses and photography courtesy of European Sources Direct.
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June 2005

Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles / Diet Beverages

Jeff’s Diet Egg Creams

Chocolate & Vanilla Craving-Quenchers


It was the 11th day of a 14-day stint on Optifast.  We were climbing the walls. Devilish thoughts of what we could snitch were running through our mind.  We opened the refrigerator door and began scanning with robot-like precision. Shelf by shelf, we evaluated the options: yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken—all seemingly harmless-sounding but none of it on our diet.

And then, at the far rear, hidden behind the milk cartons and bottles of club soda and diet cola, we saw it.  A bottle of what had been one of our favorite everyday chocolate snacks.  How could we ever have forgotten …


Jeff’s Diet Chocolate Egg Cream:  the universal chocolate treat…the diet solution to chocolate cravings…at just 20 calories a bottle, a miracle food.


Never was an egg cream consumed with greater satisfaction.  We have no idea how Jeff's makes such a delicious product for 20 calories when other producers of diet chocolate drinks make products that taste like, well, diet chocolate drinks.  Jeff’s Diet Vanilla Egg Cream is equally magnificent.  We only wish they would make a diet version of their Orange Egg Cream too.

Jeff Sodas
Fraternal Twins: Equally

If you’re not familiar with an egg cream, there’s no egg (see the explanation on Jeff’s website).  But in a classic egg cream there is cream, along with chocolate syrup and seltzer.  Jeff’s uses cocoa plus sucralose instead of the chocolate syrup.

The result is a kind of carbonated chocolate (or vanilla) milk—but a dark, rich cocoa product, not to be compared with the lightweight Yoo-Hoo® experience of one’s youth.

If you’re on a serious diet, skip this paragraph, about how beautifully both Jeff’s Diet Egg Cream flavors mix with Breyer’s CarbSmart™ and SugarSmart™ Ice Creams to make dynamite sugar-free, low-calorie ice cream sodas. Because they’re not low-calorie if you can’t stop eating them.

One note: If you buy these sodas from your retailer, be sure to look closely at the center of the label. The sugar-free and regular versions both say 97% Fat Free across the top and look exactly the same except for the word Diet in the center, which doesn’t exactly pop out.  If you’re not careful, you can easily end up with the 170 calorie, sugar-filled egg cream instead of the 20 calorie wonder.


Chocolate and Vanilla

Certified Kosher (Dairy) by The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations

Purchase online at


  • 1 mixed case 12 chocolate/12 vanilla, $26.50
  • Buy 5 cases, get 1 free

Shipping additional. Prices subject to change.


For a retailer near you, write


chocolate vanilla


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