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Sucralose and natural flavorings enable boutique manufacturers to create a rainbow of delicious sugar-free beverages. Photo courtesy of Velda Farms.


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Diet Drinks

Hot & Cold, Low-Cal & No-Cal, Diet Soft Drinks & Other Diet Beverages



Thanks to sucralose¹ and talented beverage manufacturers who use natural flavors and dedication to perfect recipes, today’s diet beverages no longer require “acquiring a taste for.” They can be just as pleasing as those sweetened with sugar.² This section has a selection of excellent products that are specifically for people restricting their sugar intake. 

Find more in Blog.TheNibble.com, and use the Contact Us form on this page to nominate your favorites. Also check the Beverages section of Main Nibbles for wonderful calorie-free products in:

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Nibble Tip

Treat yourself to beautiful cups and glasses that do double duty. Your food will look more exciting and taste that much better. See what the right cup does for plain black coffee! When not serving beverages, use your cups and glasses to serve yogurt, fruit salad, soups, ice cream, seafood cocktails, sauces on the side...it’s what top restaurants do. Think of how many different foods you can serve in a martini glass or a glass teacup.

Check out some of our favorite drinkware in the Appliance Review section.

Bodum Pavina Cafe Latte Glass
Everything tastes better in a better vessel. This double-walled Pavina Café Latte glass from Bodum holds 9 ounces of hot brew with no need for a coaster. Also in 2 oz. espresso and 12 oz. sizes.

¹ Sucralose is the chief component of Splenda®. Splenda® adds small amounts of the common food ingredients dextrose and/or maltodextrin, to provide volume in its packets and jars. Sucralose can be used virtually anywhere sugar is used: it is stable in cooking and baking. While sucralose is made from sugar, it is converted to a non-calorie, non-carbohydrate form that passes through the body without being broken down for energy, so the body does not recognize it as a carbohydrate. See our article on Demystifying Sugar Substitutes.

² Large volume, mass marketed soft drinks generally are sweetened with less expensive corn syrup instead of cane sugar.


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