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Her is citrusy, sparkly and has zero calories.



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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



March 2009

Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles / Diet Beverages

Her Energy Drink

Zero-Calorie Sparkling Citrus With Great Flavor


CAPSULE REPORT: Her, an acronym for “healthy energy revitalizer,” is the first energy drink marketed specifically to women. It’s a light drink, with antioxidants in the form of vitamin C, some calcium and ginseng, and enough taurine and caffeine to be a “revitalizer,” not a hopper-upper. What we love best: the flavor. We can’t stop enjoying it as a refreshing citrus soft drink. Use it as a no-cal mixer, too, with gin, tequila and vodka.


Does the world need a better mouse trap? Perhaps. But it certainly can’t have enough great-tasting, zero-calorie drinks. Throw in some good-for-you ingredients (antioxidants, calcium, ginseng), some energy boosters (taurine, caffeine) and a stylish can, and you’ve got the ingredients for a hit.

Her—healthy energy revitalizer—comes in both sugar and sugar-free versions, but we liked the zero-calorie, zero-carb, sugar-free version so much that we weren’t about to reach for the 130-calorie, 32g carb sibling in the flashy hot pink can (both, 8.4 ounces).


A Taste Of Her

Here’s what you get from a can of “diet Her”:

  • Zero calories, fat, cholesterol,
    carbs, sugar, fiber
  • 90% of your DV (Daily Value) of vitamin C (antioxidant, tissue repair)
  • 70% DV of vitamin B12
    (metabolism, central nervous
  • 70% DV vitamin B6 (alertness)
  • 25% DV niacin (energy)
  • 20% DV pantothenic acid (energy)
  • A pinch of calcium (<2% DV)
    (healthy nervous system)
  • Lots of fizzy, citrusy flavor and no artificial taste; the sweeteners, a blend of sucralose and potassium sulfate (ace-K), are blended to perfection (read more about noncaloric sweeteners)
  HER Energy Drink
At left, “full test” Her with sugar. At right,
sugar-free, zero-calorie Her.

In terms of the “Pink Lemonade” flavor, Her doesn’t have the tartness of a straight lemonade. It’s a gentle lemon flavor—the soft drink interpretation of lemonade—and the beverage is the color of regular lemonade, not pink. We’re not certain why the manufacturers didn’t add a hint of natural pink color to carry on the pink theme, but perhaps the thought is that 99.9% of people would drink Her straight from the can and never notice. Send a case to someone you know who wants some zero-calorie tasty energy.

About Pink Lemonade

Pink lemonade is lemonade (lemon juice, sugar or other sweetener and water) that is tinted pink with a natural or artificial food coloring. The color can be anything from flavorless food dye to a fruit juice that adds flavor, such as blackcurrant, cherry, cranberry, pomegranate, raspberry, redcurrant and strawberry. Grenadine, which is also used, was originally made with pomegranate juice; today it is artificially-colored high fructose corn syrup.

By the way, there is a “pink lemonade” lemon, officially called the variegated pink-fleshed Eureka lemon. The flesh and juice color are similar to that of a pink grapefruit. But unlike the taste, which in a pink grapefruit is sweeter than the white variety, the juice of the “pink lemonade” lemon is very acidic—you’d need a lot of sugar to sweeten that lemonade—so the tree is largely ornamental.


Pink Lemonade


  • 24 8.4-Ounce Cans

Buy online at HerEnergy.com

For individual can sales, check the retail store locator on the website.


Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE.

Her Energy Drink


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