Poodle Cookies

What little girl wouldn’t be thrilled to get a tin of these hand-crafted and decorated poodle cookies from Eleni’s? She might even admire them for a day or two...before devouring them.




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June 2005
Updated September 2006

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Best Specialty Food Gifts for Kids

Treat Your Favorite Little Gourmet


Kids love gifts more than anyone, and they take disappointment harder than anyone. Don’t let them down by buying them something that isn’t cool. These are some of our favorite gifts for kids that always seem to elicit smiles and hugs. Anyone up to age 12 will enjoy these (and frankly, we enjoyed them ourselves).

  • Prices and item availability are verified at publication but subject to change over time. While we do our best to keep information updated, if you find changes before we do, click here to give us the 411.
  • In most cases, shipping and taxes are additional.
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Categories include:

Cakes & Cookies

Cooperstown Cookie Company

Buy the large tin, because these melt-in-your-mouth, baseball-shaped shortbread cookies will go fast. Available in regular, lemon and chocolate-chip shortbread; and in mini-shortbread “bunts.”

  • Tin of 6 Cookies, 9 ounces
  • Tin of 12 Cookies, 18 ounces
  • Bunts Tins
    5 Ounces, $8.99
    15 Ounces, $18.99

Cooperstown Cookie Company

Baseball Shortbread




Elegant Cheesecakes

This elegant baker makes chocolate cakes and yellow cakes in addition to cheesecakes. Most important, she makes them in the shape of sports equipment, musical instruments, and anything else you can dream of.

  • Custom-Designed Cakes
    $100 and Up

Elegant Cheesecakes.com

Baseball Cake
It’s not a baseball...just a cake that looks like one.

Eleni’s Cookies

Eleni’s Cookies has tasty assortments on themes kids dream about, including farm animals (at right), poodles, and safaris. There’s plenty of fashion, if the kids are at an age where designer labels, lipstick and high heels have kicked in.

  • Hand-Iced Sugar Cookies
    16 Cookies, Gift Tin


Animal Cookies

Fairytale Brownies

These sweet brownies come individually shrink-wrapped for freshness with a smiling elf on the wrapper. A variety of gift packages are available. And, they’re kosher!

  • A Dozen Assorted Brownies


Fairytale Brownies

Koo-Ki Sushi
Cookie & Chocolate Sushi

Today’s sophisticated sushi-eating kid will flip over these cookie and chocolate, hand-crafted sushi assortments. Works of art, they are also so delicious, they fall under the “too good for kids” category.  But, for that special kid in your life, nothing is too good, is it?

  • White Chocolate and Cookie Sushi
    $11 to $55 depending on box size

Koo-Ki Sushi

Koo-Ki Sushi Chocolate Sushi

Recchiuti S’Mores Kit

Give a kid S’Mores, and he will eat today. Teach a kid to make S’Mores, and he will be able to make them always. Not just a tasty treat and an hour of entertainment for the whole family, but a skill that develops the culinary “repertoire” of the young foodie. Makes 4 as show or 8 open face, which was how we enjoyed them. (Available May through October)

  • S’Mores Kit



Chocolate & Candy


L.A. Burdick
Chocolate Mice & Penguins

One of the finest chocolatiers in America makes adorable wee mice and penguins that are simply irresistible.  Endearing to children, the will also please the most demanding connoisseur. (They’re not just “kid stuff”—they’re a very popular wedding favor, too.)

  • Mice or Penguins In A Wooden Box
    9 pieces, $24
    16 pieces, $40

L.A. Burdick.com


chocolate mice

chocolate penguins

Knipschildt Chocolatier
Hot Chocolate Stirring Sticks

The only thing better than a cup of delicious hot cocoa is one with a Knipschildt Hot Chocolate Stirring Sticks. Made of the finest chocolate, 3 large pyramids of chocolate on lollipop sticks melt when you stir them in hot chocolate—or nibble on them as a “chaser.” Grown-ups will enjoy stirring the in coffee.

  • Chocolate Stirring Sticks
    3 For $10

Knipschildt Chocolatier.com

Stirring Sticks

Drinks Hot & Cold


Boylan’s Bottleworks
Old-Fashioned All-Natural Sodas

Instead of the big brand-name sodas, which are completely artificial (the only thing natural in them is the water), Boylan’s sodas tastes like soft drinks did when they were invented. With natural flavors, cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, and low carbonation. These are so delicious, even parents will approve of fizzy drinks from this 100-year-old family-owned bottling company. Certified kosher pareve by Kosher Technical Konsultants.

There are also sugar-free versions, which are exceptional.

Boylan's Soda
Original Birch Beer
Original Birch Beer

Jeff’s Egg Creams

How good are these? Egg Creams are the part of New York nostalgia...when a kid would show up at a soda fountain with five cents for an egg cream (seltzer, cream and chocolate syrup...never an egg).  Jeff has created such a superb “original” egg cream, and went on to develop several variations on a theme as well. We love the original, vanilla and orange, including the sugar-free versions; haven’t had the newer flavors.

  • $25 for a 24-Bottle Case


Jeff's Egg Creams




jeff's egg creams


Jones Soda

While parents will probably roll their eyes at this gift pack, kids will be enthralled by its bright colors and (best of all) its gross-out factor. What’s so gross-yet-cool about these sodas? Jones Soda, known for its interesting labels, brightly colored sodas, innovative flavors that appeal to extreme athletes and the hip young set, have turned classic holiday flavors into bubbly bottled drinks. They didn't stop at cranberry sauce and pecan pie soda: Jones Soda’s 2005 Holiday Packs contain Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto, Turkey & Gravy, Wild Herb Stuffing and Smoked Salmon Paté. Yes, these are carbonated soft rinks. Each pack also includes a moistened towelette and a serving spoon.

  • Jones Soda Holiday Packs
    Five 12-Ounce Bottles
    $9.99 Suggested Retail Price
  • Available at Target Stores and
    supermarkets nationwide


holiday pack

turkey and stuffing sodas

Better Snacking


Garrett Popcorn

Parents will approve of this snack, because of the exceptional quality. Choose from 4 different sizes, ranging from a one gallon tin up to six and a half gallons. There are plain and decorative tin (we love the Chicago Skyline, Garrett’s home base, and the “Lights a Glow” Christmas lights). The hardest part is deciding among their seven delicious popcorn flavors like CaramelCrisp®, CheeseCorn™ and Macadamia CaramelCrisp®. Given how much popcorn there is to go through, the adults—who will need to help out—will be happy you’ve sent Garrett Popcorn instead of any of the other perfectly fine, but not as magical, brands.

  • One-Gallon Tin
    Sizes To 6 Gallons


Garrett popcorn
It looks like any three-way can or corn,
but it‘s the best popcorn we’ve tasted.

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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.