BurgerAmerica’s favorite food began its life not in America, but in somewhere far, far away. Find out where by taking this trivia quiz. Photo courtesy of Omaha Steaks and DelightfulDeliveries.com.
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August 2008
Updated May 2011

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Jonesing For A Juicy Patty?
From meat selection, to seasoning, to grilling, read our tips for making a
better hamburger.


Most Americans—or their great-grandparents—came from elsewhere, and brought their food traditions with them. We can thank German immigrants for two of America’s favorite foods, the hot dog and the hamburger—although those immigrants just brought the meat with them.

What became known as Hamburg steak or hamburger steak, chopped beef mixed with onions and pepper, appeared on American menus as far back as 1836, although the term “hamburger steak” first appeared in print in a Washington state newspaper in 1889.

As with the hot dog—a sausage in a bun—it took good old American ingenuity to wrap bread around a beef patty. Several American towns lay claim to this watershed in American cuisine.

One of them is Seymour, Wisconsin, which claims that in 1885, one Charlie Nagreen was having trouble selling his meatballs at the Seymour Fair—it was hard for people to eat them as they walked around. So Nagreen flattened the ball of meat and placed the patty between two pieces of bread.


An American favorite. Photo courtesy Built Burger.

That same year, the Menches brothers, who sold sausage patty sandwiches, ran out of pork at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, New York. Their butcher suggested that they use beef, and they christened the product the Hamburg sandwich. Learn more burger trivia by taking this trivia quiz.




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