TapenadeWant to put more organics in your diet this year? Find our favorite products in the NutriNibbles Section and read our article on organic and natural food terms. The olive spreads used in the bruschetta above are certified organic. Photo by Kelly Cline | IST.
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December 2007
Updated September 2008

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Organic Food Trivia Quiz

Answer A Few Fun Food Trivia Questions And Learn More About Organic Food


It's more than just a fad.
Read the Organic Trends Report.

Organic product sales are growing at a rate of about 15% per year, for two reasons:

  • People want to eat food that is grown without chemical pesticides, and
    is free of chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients.
  • People care about the environment. Organic products are grown sustainably,
    and do not damage the land, air or bodies of water; animals are not given
    antibiotics or hormones and eat organic feed.

When you purchase organic food, beverages, cleaning and other products, you can feel good on all counts.

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