Love Birds Cookies
You can serve Eleni’s Love Birds cookies or Love Brownies with coffee, after dinner. But before that, we’ve got heart-shaped cheese, ravioli, tenderloin and more. Read our full review of Eleni’s cookies, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week, certified kosher.





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February 2007
Updated February 2009

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Heart-Shaped Foods

For A Tasty Valentine’s Day Celebration


You can have your hearts and eat them too, thanks to a delicious array of Valentine-shaped foods. Kosher choices include Dancing Deer and Eleni’s.

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Heart-Shaped Wensleydale With Cranberries

Start the evening with a heart of Wensleydale cheese. The outside is enrobed in burgundy wax; after you peel back the wax, the inside of this classic cheese from England’s Yorkshire countryside is studded with burgundy cranberries. (The second photo shows a wedge from a regular round of cranberry Wensleydale.) Enjoy it with slices of French baguette and a glass of Champagne. Roses are not included, but adding your own to the cheese plate makes a nice presentation! Purchase on

  • Heart-Shaped Wensleydale
    One Pound

This cheese can also be enjoyed as part of a cheese plate for dessert. We’ve included more cheese in the Desserts section.

See a whole page of heart-shaped cheese.

Heart-shaped cheese

Cranberry Wensleydale

Valley Lahvosh:
Heart-Shaped Crackers

These Valentine-shaped water biscuits say “Be Mine” with the cheese course or under canapes. At specialty retailers nationwide or purchase online.

Heart-Shaped Crackers

Main Courses


Alfonso Gourmet Pasta:
Heart-Shaped Ravioli

Lobster-filled ravioli in red and white stripes make you a prisoner of love. They come in two different flavors.

  • Lobster & Cheese Ravioli
    5 lb package
  • Cheese Ravioli
    5 lb package

Heart Ravioli

Sweetheart Steak

That’s right, steaks that are heart-shaped. If you and your beloved both love a good steak, this is the special cut to seal your devotion. Choose from boneless strip steak or boneless rib steak, in USDA Prime, Natural Prime or American Wagyu.

  • Rib Steak
  • Strip Steak
  • Gift Packages Available

Lobels Sweetheart Steak



Alfonso Gourmet Pasta:
Mocha Cheesecake Ravioli

A dessert ravioli, in sweet red pepper dough, filled with mocha cheesecake dough. Serve with whipped cream or a crème anglaise.

  • 5 Pounds*
    *Freeze what you don’t need or share with a friend

Heart-Shaped Ravioli

Dancing Deer:
Cookies & Brownies

Two heart-shaped chocolate brownies drizzled in Belgian white chocolate and sprinkled with pink sugar are joined by hand-decorated vanilla shortbread cookies that spell the word LOVE. The collection arrives in an elegant gift tower, two keepsake wooden boxes (see them in the back of the photo) tied with a fuchsia ribbon. Certified kosher. Read our review of Dancing Deer cookies.

  • Gift Tower


Valentine Cookies

Love Brownies

Heart shaped brownies made with lots of chocolate chips—and no nuts. Approximately 2" x 2.5". Certified kosher.

  • 12 Love Brownies
    (14 Ounces)

heart brownies

The Ginger People:
Ginger Sweeties

References to ginger’s aphrodisiac powers can be found in texts from the Kama Sutra to modern scientific studies. Ginger Sweeties are the perfect romantic gift for any ginger lover. Garnish your favorite cocktails or decorate cheesecake and crème brulée. For added temptation, dip them in chocolate.

  • Ginger Sweeties
    6.7 Ounces

Ginger Sweeties

Gourmet Food Store:
Heart-Shaped Brillat Savarin

The 18th century writer Brillat-Savarin is one of France’s most renowned gourmets. This sumptuous triple-creme, made from cow’s milk, enriched with cream, is one of the most rich and buttery of all cheeses. It was created by cheese master Henri Androuet in Normandy in the 1930s, and named in honor of Brillat-Savarin. Perfect for dessert with fruit, it can be spread on savory or sweet crackers (like graham or wheatmeal), or even chocolate cookies.


Heart-Shaped Cake Pan & Brownie Mix

A red aluminum non-stick cake pan and a box of brownie mix create this lovely brownie Valentine. The pan can be used to make any cake recipe. Read our full review of Bundt cake mixes. The pan and mix are available at

  • Fancy Heart Pan With Brownie Mix

Nordicware Heart Bundt

VitaHearts Muffins

The folks at Vitalicious have taken their signature deep chocolate VitaMuffins, and baked them into a charming heart shape. Perfect for a sweetie who's on a low-fat or low-calorie diet, these darlings only have 100 calories each. Yet they're still moist, pliant and flavorful—just like the muffins we get at our favorite bakery, but packed with fiber and without fat.

  • VitaHearts
    12 Two-ounce Muffins In Gift Box


Vitalicious VitaHearts
See More Desserts In Our
Valentine Cookies, Cakes & Brownies Article

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