Iskilde Water
Give mom a case of rare bottled water for Mother’s Day. No calories—and she’ll be the envy of everyone toting boring bottles of Aquafina and Dasani.




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April 2007

Marketplace / Gift-Finder

Mother’s Day Gifts 2007

No-Calorie Gourmet Gifts For The Figure-Watching Mom (Or Anyone Else)


Not every mom welcomes a box of great chocolate: many are getting into shape or diligently keeping themselves there; some simply don’t eat sweets. Every year we get to pick selections of our favorite non-candy food gifts for Moms. This year, we’ve divided the list into this list of calorie-free gifts, below, and have a separate article on Sugar-Free gifts. Find more gifts in our Gift Finder section.

*Kosher-certified products

Fine Tea


Ito En:
Fine And Rare Teas

Drinking a tea from Ito En is like tasting food from a great chef: It’s instantly recognizable as better than almost anything else. Ito En specializes in the finest teas from Japan with a limited selection from China and India. While the corporation is Japan’s largest producer of commercial teas (and we think their Tea’s Tea bottled iced teas are the finest available), the shop on Madison Avenue in New York City sells rare, whole leaf teas. Call them to find out what might be especially exciting for your mother. Or, if Mom needs a pure shot of energy every day, read our our review of Sencha Shot in a can: We live on it!

  • Telephone for personal consultation
    Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Read more online about tea selections

Matcha Tea Set
Shown: Matcha Set for Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony, features all the necessities to make a perfect bowl of matcha: a bamboo whisk (chasen), whisk holder (chasen naoshi), bamboo tea scoop (chashaku), and tea bowl (chawan), packaged together in a wooden box with top-grade Banreki no Mukashi matcha tea. $140.00.



Numi Tea:
Organic & Kosher

We’re suckers for the flowering tea ball: Just drop it in a small glass pot or mug and watch the leaves unfold. It’s a craft of tying the premium dried tea leaves together with cotton thread in a pattern so the colors blend and when steeped, the leaves slowly unfurl into a bouquet in a dramatic and artistic way. The tea tastes great, too!

Certified kosher by Natural Food Certifiers

  • White, Green & Black Flowering Teas
    $24.50 to $33
    18 to 20 Pieces

Flowering Tea

Posey in a pot.



Zhena’s Gypsy Tea:
Organic, Fair Trade Certified™,
Kosher & Community-Centric

Zhena Muzyka is committed to empowering women around the world. Her socially responsible company has affected change in the fields where her teas are grown and harvested by providing workers with healthcare, guaranteed maternity leave, childcare, education, better working conditions and autonomy. Black, green, herbal and white teas are packaged in colorful cans for small gifts or to tuck into gift baskets.

Certified kosher by KSA

  • Canister Of 20 Bags


Also available at

Food Game  

Eat My Trivia:
Sophisticated Food Fun

Explore the world of fine food without eating a crumb: This is the “Trivial Pursuit®” of food. Even if you can’t answer the question, you enjoy learning by hearing the answer. Our sophisticated group of food-lovers was plenty challenged: We knew enough so that we didn’t feel like losers, but were thrilled to uncover each new nugget of information.

  • Eat My Trivia

Eat My Trivia
So much fun, you don’t realize that
you haven’t eaten anything.

Organic Coffee


Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee:
Fair Trade Certified™ & Kosher, Too


Dean’s Beans was among the favorite organic coffees we tested last fall (read our full review of organic coffee), and we like them even more because they’re Fair Trade Certified and kosher, which appeal to even more readers. In addition to the Rattlesnake Gutter Brew that was our favorite blend (sorry, we didn’t name it), Dean lets you blend your own, and custom-design your bag. So, create Janey’s Java Joy, Maxwell’s Mother’s Day Brew, or simply, Top Beans For The Top Mom.

Certified kosher by Vaad Hakashruth
of Springfield, Massachusetts

  • One Pound Bag
  • Personalized Label

Dean's Beans
We’re  happy to take the Marrakesh
Express to the Uprising to get these
beans from Dean’s.



Easy Automatic Espresso Machine


If Mom loves espresso, consider the treat of the automatic espresso machine: the glamorous Nespresso. There’s nothing to grind, no elbow grease required. Nespresso espresso and coffee choices come pre-ground in vacuum-sealed capsules. Just fill the water tank, pop in the capsule, press a button and enjoy an authentic espresso with a delicious crema. The empty capsules stay inside the machine until you’re ready to empty the container.

  • Nespresso Essenza C100T
    Single-Serve Automatic Espresso Machine

Nespresso Essenza
No grinding, no messy grounds: The espresso is in self-contained capsules.


Rare Bottled Water


Purveyor Of Rare Waters


If you get annoyed at paying $8.00 or more at restaurants for the same Perrier and Evian that cost $1.69 at supermarkets, Aquabar agrees. The Beverly Hills company imports rare and unusual waters that provide a different experience.  Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who could drink whatever he likes, drinks Iskilde (photo at top of page), for example. Treat Mom to something new and different—she’ll be the envy of her Dasani-toting friends.

  • Iskilde Artesian Water From Denmark
    Still or Sparkling
    Case of 16 x 500 ml Glass $36.00

    Case of 9 x 1 liter Glass $33.00

  • Tasmanian Rain Water
    Case of 12 x 750 ml Glass, $57.00

    Case of 24 x 375 ml Glass, $70.00

Purchase online at

Tasmanian Rain Water
Tasmanian Rainwater, collected from the purest atmosphere on earth, never touches the ground. The Tasmanian air is scientifically proven to be the purest in the world. The rainwater is captured after crossing three oceans carried by Antarctic winds. Softer than spring water, lighter than mineral water it claims to absorb faster into the body for a better natural hydration.
Sugar-Free Iced Teas


Republic Of Tea:
Flavored Iced Teas

These rich, intensely-flavored teas are such a treat that we don’t mind the high price. But they are a luxury, which makes them a great idea for a gift. There are 15-plus flavors, including a few decafs and caffeine-free herbals. We like them all; to tantalize you with a few: Blackberry Sage black tea, Passionfruit green tea, Honeydew Melon white tea, Capetown Tropical red tea. They’re not just thirst-quenching; you can serve them as dessert beverages too Read our full review of Republic of Tea.

  • Iced Tea Sampler Case
    12 Different Flavors

Purchase online at

Also available at fine food stores.

Republic of Tea Iced Tea
Iced tea sampler case.



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