Burdick Bunny Box

Maybe there is no Santa Claus, but Larry Burdick is definitely the Easter Bunny. His Bunny Box includes five white chocolate bunnies filled with ganache, marzipan eggs and two chocolate truffles. At BurdickChocolate.com.

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Chocolate Tasting


Instead of a traditional dessert after Easter dinner, serve the best of both worlds: a cheese course with fruit, followed by a chocolate tasting. Most specialty food stores have a selection of fine chocolate bars: select four milk and four dark bars from brands like Chocolove, Lindt, Michel Cluizel, Scharffen Berger and Valrhona. If they aren’t already scored, cut the bars into 1-inch squares and either set each brand on its own plate on the buffet for a casual, self-service tasting (use inexpensive photo frames to hold the package labels, and provide dessert plates and cocktail napkins) or arrange them clockwise on dinner plates for a sit-down tasting. First taste milk, then dark, starting with the lower cacao percentages. If you want to make it a tasting event, print out the glossary and tasting guides in our Chocolate Section to discuss the different flavors, aromas and consistencies. Serve coffee afterward.


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