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April 2006

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Via Natural Spring Water

Almost-Virgin Spring Water from the Brazilian Interior



CAPSULE REPORT: Now available in America, award-winning Via Natural from Brazil is one of the purest of spring waters. Its attractive bottle will make it a favorite among water connoisseurs with a sense of style.

If water is a dance, one might think that Via Natural, coming from the heartland of Brazil, is a samba. But perhaps this virginal water, with only minor traces of dissolved solids (see chart below), is a pure and innocent waltz.

The source, called Fonte Sant’Ana, is one of the purest in the country. It is located in a remote region of falls and cataracts near Sandovalina, a verdant town in the in the western part of the state of São Paulo, approximately 375 miles from the capital city of Via Naturalthe same name. There, spring water erupts from solid rock in an intense flow. Stainless steel piping is used to transport the water into the bottling plant.

While distance from any industry pollution contributes to maintaining the purity of the source, as the bottlers point out on their website, scrupulous attention to all procedures during the bottling process also is required to deliver a top-quality product. If you go to the Photos section on the company website, bypass the initial fuzzy selection of shots and then click on “More Photos,” you’ll get an interesting virtual tour of a modern water bottling plant.

While the spring is far inland, hundreds of miles from any or gulls as the label would have one believe, the design is a nice departure and earned the brand three packaging awards in 2004 plus a finalist designation at the London International Advertising Awards for package design.

If you like to try different waters and your style is pure H20—no discernable flavor—or if you like to be seen holding an attractive bottle, add Via Natural to your list.


WATER Via Natural Mineral Water
Sandovalina (São Paulo Region), Brazil
pH Factor

TDS = Total Dissolved Solids
ND = Non-Detectable


Still Natural Spring Water

  • .33 Liter
    Case of 12
    $14.32* / $16.09
  • .505 Liter
    Case of 12
    $14.49* / $16.28
  • 1.5 Liter
    Case of 6
    $14.58* / $16.38

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*Lower prices are for members of distributors frequent buyer club.

Shipping additional. Prices and item availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.


Water bottlesLeft to right: .33 liter, .505 liter, 1.5 liter, .33 liter, .505 liter

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