Hamburger Deluxe
If Dad loves a great burger, treat him to four types of heritage burgers—bison, elk, Kobe/Wagyu and Piedmontese—ground and ready to make into patties.




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May 2007
Updated June 2007

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Best Father’s Day Gifts 2007

Gourmet Food Gifts For Dads


We love our gift selections: We’d like to give all of them to ourselves. But, we’re happy to know that they’re going to deserving dads.

See also our Sweet Gifts For Fathers Day 2007 and our Father’s Day 2005 and Father’s Day 2006 gift recommendations—we still love all of them, too!

Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.



Martin Miller’s Gin:
Ultrapremium Gin

Martin Miller, a Londoner, was unhappy with the premium gins available to him, and set out to create a gin to meet his high standards. If you’re used to Bombay Sapphire, be prepared for something completely different: Martin Miller’s distinct flavor profile deserves a shout out. It’s so good, we drink it straight up. Read our full review of Martin Miller’s Gin.

  • Fifth
    Suggested Retail Price

  • Available at fine liquor stores

For more information about Martin Miller’s Gin, visit

Martin Miller's Gin




Cool Box

This bottle of Piper Cuvée that comes in its own handsome Champagne chilling container. There’s a metal base that, once chilled, should keep the bottle cold for up to two hours. Dad can take Champagne to the beach, a picnic or other outdoor occasion and have his bubbly at the ideal temperature. The cool box is reusable.

  • Champagne
    Suggested Retail Price
  • At wine and liquor stores nationwide

Piper Heidseick Cool Box



Rogue Spirits:
Spruce Gin

The folks at Oregon’s Rogue Spirits have a totally different calling: to make “rogue” spirits that deliberately taste like nothing else in the category. Whether it’s their Spruce Gin (yes, you can taste the spruce, and it won a Bronze medal at the 2007 World Spirits Competition, the only American-made gin to win an award) or the Hazelnut Spice Rum (shown at right), you can guarantee that Dad will recognize that this is not just another bottle off the liquor store shelves. The company also makes a white rum and a dark rum.

  • Fifth
    Suggested Retail Price
  • For Retailer Information Call

Rogue Spirits Rums



Wattwiller Mineral Water:
An Ancient Libation

The Romans who occupied Gaul (now Alsace) wrote about the wonderful water of the village of Wattwiller. Almost as if by magic, two separate springs provide two fairly different waters: One produces only still mineral water and one produces a mineral water which has a natural carbonation. If Dad needs more hydration—or a great no-calorie gift—send him a case. Read our full review of Wattwiller mineral water.

  • 1 Case .5L Glass Bottles
    16 Bottles

Wattwiller Mineral Water

Candy & Chocolate


Brown Paper Chocolates:
Cubes Of Serious Chocolate

Variously filled with liqueurs, fruits, nuts and herb, these gourmet creations are not chocolate bars, but chunks of chocolate that you slice by the piece. They aren’t fudge, but melt in your mouth like fudge. Great with a glass of wine or with espresso or cognac after dinner, Dad will love a sampling of the dozen or so flavors. In dark, milk or white chocolate. Read our full review of Brown Paper Chocolates.

  • 5-Ounce Cube
    3-Piece Minimum Order (Any Flavors)

Brown Paper Chocolate
Meaty Gifts


Heritage Foods USA:
Four Breed Burger Package


Imagine a feast of four great burgers: Elk is the leanest, Piedmontese is the leanest of the beef; bison is high in omega-3 essential acids, wagyu (“Kobe”*) is the heartiest. Elk and Piedmontese make 2 patties/pound, bison and wagyu yield 3 patties/pound. Heritage Foods USA is a company that is dedicated to saving our heritage foods, including breeds of food livestock that would easily become extinct but for the dedication of a few family farmers, who needed a marketing arm (Heritage Foods USA) to promote their products to the public. They sell not only rare beef varieties, but pigs, sheep, fish, poultry, grains and other foods.

  • 4 Pounds
    1 Pound Each Breed
    $58 (shipping included)
  • 8 Pounds
    2 Pounds Each Breed
    $92 (shipping included)
  • 16 Pounds
    4 Pounds Each Breed
    $158 (shipping included)

*Kobe is a prefecture in Japan where the type of cattle was originally raised. Wagyu is the Japanese word for “Japanese cattle.”




The Jerky Guy:
Gourmet Jerky

It Dad likes to snack, gourmet jerky is the new hot snack. Forget that stuff from the convenience store—The Jerky Guy makes tender, moist jerky bites from top round beef, slow smoked over real wood chips (not “liquid smoke”). It’s 98% fat free with no additives or preservatives, and tastes great with a cold beer. In Teriyaki, spicy Black Pepper, and hot Helluvapeño.

  • 4-Ounce Bag


The Jerky Guy




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© Copyright 2005-2021 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.