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Beautiful slow-dried nectarines look like a work of art. Shot on a cork cutting board from ArchitecProducts.com. Photography by Claire Freierman.



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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



September 2008

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Southern Alps Dried Fruit

Page 1: All Natural, Luscious “Slow Dried” Fruit



CAPSULE REPORT: Not from Switzerland or even from New Zealand (home of the Southern Alps mountain range), Southern Alps is a U.K. company with an attractive line of artisan products. Selecting the finest fruits from around the world, Southern Alps makes “slow dried” fruit, fruit and nut mixes, and includes the fruits in granola and muesli. The fruits are a find for elegant grab-and-go snacking, and there is a beautiful dried fruit gift box. Muesli lovers fond of bananas and figs may find a new favorite in Muesli No.5. This is Page 1 of a two-page article. Click on the black links below to visit Page 2.

As is often the case with specialty food producers, what started out as a healthy, homemade food has become a major success. Founders Andrew and Lotte Garner started making their own muesli at home, then moved on to selling it at their local farmers’ market in the U.K. That was in 2001. After a friend suffered a severe reaction to the sulphur dioxide used in dried fruit (some, not all, dried fruit products use the additive), Lotte, who has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, created a warm-air fruit and vegetable dryer. Through experimentation, the Garners found that by drying high-quality fruits slowly, they retained maximum flavor and nutritional value without the need to add sugar or preservatives. The fruits were a hit and the tiny venture became a company with fans around the world.

Dried Fruit Varieties

We had the opportunity to sample the gift box assortment of these seriously good dried “slow fruits” and fruit and nut mixes, and they were as good as candy (“healthy candy,” we called them). These dried fruits are all natural, and naturally sweet and luscious. There’s no dried out, tough or chewy fruit here.

Gift Box
An impressive and delicious gift.

Gift Box

The No.25 Slow Selection Gift Box contains ten different types of slow dried fruit, the equivalent of almost 10 pounds of fresh fruit prior to drying (which nets down to one pound of dried fruit). There are wonderful tiny yellow figs (grown especially for Southern Alps), slices of mango, succulent pineapple, three different types of apple, delightful banana bites, nectarine wedges, sliced strawberries and, sometimes, pears. There are also white mulberries (see photo on the next page), a honey-flavored berry not often seen in the U.S.

We love this gift box. It’s a perfect home or office gift—great for snacking and easy to share.

Individual Dried Fruits & Mixes
Most of the dried fruits are available in individual 2.3-ounce bags. Snack from the bag or add them to cereal, yogurt, salad and recipes.

There are also mixes:

  • Fruit and Nut Mix. Almonds, apples, brazil nuts, currants, pineapple, pistachios, sultanas, walnuts and white mulberries.
  • Slow Dried Fruit Mix. Apples, mangoes, pineapples and strawberries.
  • Trail Mix. A mix of chunky fruits, nuts and seeds that includes apples, banana slices, brazil nuts, cashews, flame raisins, mangoes, pumpkin seeds, roasted hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, strawberries and yellow figs.
Green Apples
Sweet, thick slices of dried green apples.


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