The different varietals of honey offer a range of beautiful colors. Photo courtesy National Honey Board.



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February 2005
Last Updated August 2018

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Types of Honey

Page 3: The Different Forms Of Honey


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Forms of Honey

  • Comb honey is honey that is sold as it was produced—in the honey bees’ wax comb. The comb is edible as well.
  • Cut comb honey or chunk honey is liquid honey that has added chunks of the honey comb in the jar. Also known as liquid-cut comb combination.
  • Liquid honey, the form most familiar to us, is free of visible crystals. It is extracted from the honey comb by centrifugal force, gravity or straining. Because liquid honey mixes easily into a variety of foods, it is especially convenient for cooking and baking. Most of the honey produced in the United States is sold in the liquid form.
  • Naturally crystallized honey is honey in which part of the natural glucose content has spontaneously crystallized.
  • Whipped or cremed honey (also known as churned honey, honey fondant, sugared honey and spun honey) is brought to market in a finely crystallized state. While all honey will crystallize in time, whipped honey is intentionally crystallize via a controlled process so that, at room temperature, the honey can be spread like butter. In many countries around the world, whipped honey is preferred to the liquid form and used instead of jelly or jam.
  • Raw honey is that which has not been processed. It contains prebiotics, enzymes that enhance the digestion of foods, particularly carbohydrates. Raw honey is a natural prebiotic. Consumption of it may help gut health by increasing bifidobacteria populations.

Specialty Honey Products

  • Flavored/fruited honey has either fruit, coloring or flavoring added.
  • Infused honey has had flavors of herbs, spices, peels, etc. added to it by steeping.
  • Dried honey has been dehydrated and mixed with other ingredients to keep it free-flowing.
  • Honey sticks are liquid honey in plastic straws, generally holding a teaspoon of honey. They can have added flavorings. The honey is sipped from the straw like candy; or the contents can be emptied into a beverage.
Stash Tea has honey sticks in 13 flavors: original clover plus infusions like bergamot, chai, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, and raspberry.

Specially Certified Hon

  • Kosher honey is honey that is produced, processed and packaged in accordance with Jewish dietary regulations and certified by a kosher-certifying organization.
  • Organic honey is produced, processed and packaged in accordance with USDA regulations on organic products and certified by a USDA-certified agency or organization. It should bear a USDA-certified organic seal.


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