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These delicious breads (and bread substitutes like the popcorn cake) are no more than 45 calories a slice. Photography by Melody Lan | THE NIBBLE.



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May 2006
Updated March 2013

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Low Carb & Diet Bread

Page 2: More Diet Bread Ideas

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Diet Bread Tricks, Continued  

Crispbreads & Flatbreads

A thick slice of Wasa crispbread in Fiber Rye or Light Rye, approximately 3-½ inches by 4-½ inches, can be enjoyed for 30 and 35 calories, respectively. They’re also full of fiber and taste great with soups, salads and cottage cheese; and make a nice base for hors d’oeuvres (sliced eggs and caviar, dilled yogurt—click here for more Wasa crispbread recipes). The thinner Kavali Whole Grain Crispy Thin Flatbreads, shown in the photo, are just 20 calories a slice (for the original flavor—other flavors are 30 calories a slice).


Melba Toasts & Melba Rounds

Originally not a diet food but a delicacy created in 1897 by the great chef Escoffier for the opera singer Dame Nellie Melba. Modern anufacturers discovered how to take the thin slices of dry toast and market them as reduced-calorie bread. The two main brands, Devonsheer and London, have a range of flavors. They were originally rectangular, but Devonsheer makes melba rounds. Flavors include plain, garlic, onion, sesame and vegetable; five melba rounds are 50 or 60 calories, depending on the flavor. The rectangular melba toasts are generally 20 calories apiece. They’re very crunchy—we especially like the garlic.

Melba Rounds

Popcorn Cakes & Rice Cakes

If you haven't experimented with rice or popcorn cakes (or not in a while), try them (again). And try different brands—the  quality of flavor and calorie contents vary widely. Orville Redenbacker’s Butter Popcorn Cakes are especially good-tasting, with or without toppings. Plain popcorn and Cheddar flavors are very enjoyable for 30 or 35 calories per cake.

Popcorn Cakes
Calorie-Saving Techniques  

Enjoy The Crust

If you want to enjoy regular bread, buy the best bread from the best bakeries; discard most the center dough and enjoy the delicious crusts. You’ll reduce the calories and carbs by two-thirds.

Crusty Loaf

Buy A Good Bagel Slicer

There’s nothing like a good bagel, but bagels an entire plain bagel can be 500 or 600 calories, without butter, jam or cream cheese. An expensive bagel slicer will enable you to cut that high-calorie but incredibly delicious bagel into four slices instead of two, and divide your calories and carbs by four. If your bagel shop or grocer sells them pre-sliced fresh in thin pieces or as dried “bagel chips,” buy those instead. We substitute thick, no-fat Greek yogurt for cream cheese. Add some fresh chives, capers or pimento for a gourmet bagel treat.



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