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Now, temptations like a rich cup of of hot chocolate with a sweet, spongy marshmallow are duplicated in sugar-free varieties for people on restricted diets. Photo and products above are courtesy of Recchiuti Confections and are the full-sugar variety.



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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.  She is a huge fan of La Nouba marshmallows (and the sugar-free preserves, too).



March 2005
Updated April 2009

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La Nouba Sugar-Free Marshmallows

Sugar-Free, Fat-Free & Low-Carb


When it’s time for a cup of sugar-free cocoa, or a sugar-free snack, don’t you wish someone would invent sugar-free marshmallows—that taste good?

We’ve found them—and sugared or sugar-free, they are darn tasty marshmallows. Tastier, we think, than most of the ones available with sugar.

Made by La Nouba, a Belgian manufacturer that specializes in sugar-free candies, jams and waffles, the marshmallows substitute maltitol and isomalt for sucrose (table sugar). They are identical in some ways, and superior in others, to regular marshmallows. (Read about the different sugar substitutes.)

La Nouba sugar-free marshmallows have the same scent, texture, and meltability/roastability as a “regular” marshmallow. You can chew them or pop them in your cocoa or melt them into s’mores. The superior part is the density: Unlike the air-puffed, ghostly white commercial products most most people buy, these marshmallows are substantive and attractive. Half white, half pink, they are the dandiest marshmallows we’ve seen, sugar or sugar-free.

Types Of Marshmallows

La Nouba makes two styles of marshmallow: plain and chocolate-covered. Fat-free as well as sugar-free, they’re created from water, sweeteners (maltitol, isomalt, maltitol syrup, lactitol) gelatine, natural colors and natural vanilla flavoring. A large* marshmallow is 15.3 calories. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy 15 calories.

*7.5 grams, 1-3/8" x 1-1/4 x 5/8"

Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows

The marshmallows are also sold with a Callebaut chocolate coating made of cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, lecithin and dark chocolate.  Calories: 47.3 apiece, and worth it!


The “plain” marshmallows
are a festive pink and






choc marshmallows

Enjoy them covered in tasty
sugar-free chocolate for an
extra-special treat.

A simply delicious product, La Nouba sugar-free marshmallows are a true food find for anyone limiting his or her sugar intake.

P.S. The marshmallows go great with our favorite sugar-free hot chocolate from The King’s Cupboard.



All natural marshmallows with no added sugar or preservatives

  • Plain Marshmallows
    2.7 ounces each (10 pieces)
    $2.99 (retail prices will vary)
    Online sales: 1 case, 36 Bags
  • Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows
    2.6 ounces each (4 pieces)
    Online sales: 1 case, 36 Bags
    $76.64, or $1.99/bag

Purchase online*at www.lanouba.be for cases; search online for sellers of individual packages

Prices and product availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

La Nouba Marshmallows
Marshmallows are packaged in a plastic bag. If
you’re wondering, guimauve is the French word
for marshmallow, and La Nouba is a Belgian
company, so French is its native language.


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