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Lactose-free and exciting? All is possible with today’s lactose-free milk products as well as those made from soy milk. Photo courtesy of National Milk Board.  


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Lactose-Free Foods


Looking for something exciting and lactose-free?  As we come across foods we love that are lactose free, we’ll add them here.  If you have some favorites to recommend, click here to tell us about them.

Here is the beginning of our list:


Nibble Tip

You can whip up a lactose-free maple smoothie even when you have no fruit in the house. Just use crushed ice, flavored soy milk, and delicious flavoring.  This one uses Pearl® organic chocolate soy milk with Moosewood Hollow’s Sweet Autumn infused maple syrup—a blend of maple and sweet spices with a hint of vanilla. Our review of Pearl is above.  Click here for our review of Moosewood Hollow syrups.



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