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February 2005

Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles / Sweeteners, Syrups & Seasonings

Blackberry Patch

Sugar-Free, Fat-Free Maple & Blueberry-Flavored Syrups


Seekers of a good substitute for maple syrup will be happy to find Blackberry Patch's Maple Praline flavored syrup, a low-calorie syrup made of maltitol and natural flavorings.  Maltitol gives this sugar-free syrup a flavor leg up on syrups produced with aspartame; and for added dimension, Blackberry Patch combines maple with nutty praline—a Southern specialty (Blackberry Patch is in the heart of Georgia). It tastes good.

Blackberry Patch, which specializes in all natural fruit syrups, jams and jellies of the sugared variety, makes a second sugar-free version: Wild Blueberry Syrup.

Wild Blueberry Syrup indeed tastes of wild blueberries; and there are small, wild berries flowing throughout. A lighter, less viscous syrup than Maple Praline, it can easily flavor hot and iced teas, accent fruit salads and yogurts, toast, and anywhere else you’d like a touch of sweet blueberry flavor. (We admit to drinking Wild Blueberry Syrup shots; but when you’re a food professional, you do many things in the course of testing products.)

Don’t save these syrups for special occasions: enjoy them every day. At just 35 calories a tablespoon, you can afford to!

We had grown up in a maple household, never having had fruit syrups on pancakes and waffles. Blackberry Patch’s Wild Blueberry has been our first experience—and a most enjoyable change of pace.

We can only hope that so many people buy these tasty syrups, the Blackberry Patch folks will make even more of their regular line of fruit syrups into sugar-free versions.

Blueberry Smoothie
Blueberry syrup is not just for pancakes: use it in
beverages, on ice cream, on
fruit...have fun with it!


Maple Praline and Wild Blueberry
Sugar-Free Syrups

  • 1 Bottle
    12 Ounces
  • Case of 12 Bottles

Shipping additional. Prices are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Purchase online at
(order just like the regular syrups, but specify sugar-free in comments box)

Or telephone 1.800.8JELLY8.

maple praline syrup

wild bluberry syrup

Top, Maple Praline
Bottom: Wild Blueberry


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