Kosher For Passover ChocolateAunt Sadie’s kosher chocolate is also kosher for Passover. Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren LaPenna.


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March 2009

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Aunt Sadie’s Kosher Chocolate

Kosher For Passover, Kosher Year-Round




Kosher for Passover chocolate used to be “the good news and the bad news.” The good news was that there was chocolate, the bad wasn’t such good chocolate. With Aunt Sadie’s, the chocolate is not only good, it’s inventive and fun. There are classics like chocolate-covered orange peel and fruit and nut clusters, and new inventions like charoset truffles, lavender marshmallows and matzo clusters. Let’s dig into the chocolate box.

Kosher Chocolates

The line is named after the mishpocheh.

  • Caleb’s Chocolate Daisy. A solid chocolate daisy, simple and tasty. Dairy/kosher year-round and Passover.
  • Charoset Truffles. Tevya’s and Deborah’s Chocolate-Covered Charoset Truffle box is a charming blend of fruit, allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg covered in white (Tevya’s) and dark (Deborah’s) chocolate. Dairy/kosher year-round and Passover.
  • Cluster Assortment. Everything here was simply nifty, with delicious dark chocolate enrobing other ingredients. Adam’s Almond Cluster sets off crisp almonds. Barry’s Blueberry Cluster wraps the dark chocolate around dried blueberries. Chaya’s Cherry Cluster is a wonderful combination of chocolate and luscious dried cherries. Miriam’s Matzo Cluster is a sweet square with a dark chocolate bottom. Rachel’s Raisin Cluster is a nugget of dark chocolate and raisins. Dairy/kosher year-round and Passover.
  • David’s Dark Chocolate Coconut Crunch Bar. While this 2-1/2" round disk is impressive looking, it’s the one item that wasn’t a favorite. Adding hemp seed to the coconut chocolate “bar” may be healthy, but the distinctive flavor of the hemp overpowers the chocolate-coconut flavor most people would prefer. It’s O.K., and we appreciate the overall innovation of the flavors, but sesame (or nothing) might have been a better choice here. Pareve/Passover only.
  • Izzy’s Imber Lach Ginger Treat. Ginger, hazelnuts, honey and matzo are combined and cut into squares with a dark chocolate bottom. The honey, hazelnuts and matzo are a delightful confection, and the ginger sizzles. Dairy/kosher year-round and Passover.
  • Leah’s Lavender Mallow. Chocolate-coated lavender marshmallows with butterfly designs, these mallows are glamorous in both flavor and appearance. Dairy/kosher year-round and Passover.
  • Manny’s Vanilla Mallows. Plain white marshmallows. Pareve/kosher year-round and Passover.

  • Oscar’s Chocolate Covered Orange Peel. Sweet, fruity orange peel, enrobed in chocolate. One of our favorite treats. Dairy/kosher year-round and for Passover.

Now you can bring chocolates to the seder hostess with pride...and anticipation!


Kosher & Kosher For Passover Confections

Certified Eco-Kosher by Dreidel-K

  • The Whole Megillah

    Small Box (4 oz) $7.50
    Medium box (8 oz) $15.00
    Large Box (16 oz) $30.00
    Party Box (40 oz) $67.50
    Occasion Box (80 oz)
  • Individual Confections
    Small Box (4 oz) $5.50 To
    Medium Box (8 oz) $11.00
    $19.00 To
    Large Box (16 oz) $22.00
    To $38.00

Purchase online* at

Aunt Sadie's Kosher Chocolate
Photo by Corey Lugg | THE NIBBLE. Styling by Lauren LaPenna.
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