Dagoba Chocolate Squares

Enjoy a small piece of chocolate every evening after dinner with these tasting squares of single origin chocolate from Dagoba. They’re available in regular and gift packaging.


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Kosher Candy & Chocolate

Irresistible Gourmet Sweets

Some of our favorite kosher chocolates are Bonnat, Chocolove, Dagoba, Guittard, Lake Champlain and Scharffen Berger. Bonnat, Guittard and Scharffen Berger are producers who buy and roast their own cacao beans to make couverture. Then make their own consumer products, and sell it to other companies, chocolatiers, who make candy from other companies’ couverture. Callebaut, a kosher-certified maker of fine couverture, is used by many top companies like Lake Champlain. Their name is not well-known because they don’t make consumer products.

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Nibble Tip

Don’t toss out the “crumbs” on the bottom of a box of toffee: they’re delicious on ice cream, cheesecake, yogurt or cake frosting. In fact, Enstrom’s sells crumbs by the bag for toffee fans who find many uses for them. Read our suggestions for Things To Do With Toffee.

Buttery and nutty, Enstrom’s Almond Toffee has
fans in all 50 states. And no wonder—it’s  addictively delicious. Certified kosher (dairy) by The Vaad Hakashrus of Denver, it’s our favorite classic toffee. There’s also a caramel popcorn. See our review.

Enstrom Toffee Crumbs


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