Palapa Azul Mexican Helados (Ice Creams), Nieves (Sorbets) and Paletas (Popsicles) are an example of an ethnic food and a specialty food that is certified kosher. Shown above: Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, Cucumber Chile and Mexican Papaya. Click here for our review.




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JANE MORITZ is the owner of ChallahConnection.com, a purveyor of kosher specialty foods and gifts.



June 2006

Product Reviews / Kosher Nibbles

Who’s Eating Kosher?

You May Be Surprised!


What quite a few kosher observers know...what many others are surprised to hear... is that the majority of people eating kosher foods are not Jewish! Because the perception of kosher foods is that of better quality, it attracts consumers of all faiths and cultures. The kosher industry is booming. Check out these fascinating kosher facts:

  • Of the 10.5 million Americans who eat kosher products, only 20 percent are Jewish.
  • Other kosher consumers include Muslims, Seventh-Day Adventists, the lactose-intolerant and vegetarians. Twenty-eight percent of the American population is affected by food allergies or sensitivities. The precise labeling on kosher products makes it easy for consumers to find dairy-free and meat-free items.
  • Kosher foods are perceived to be a better quality, often using all natural ingredients, and are frequently organic.
  • With an overall increased awareness of food safety and preparation procedures, many health-conscious people prefer kosher products.
  • The kosher market accounts for $100 billion in annual sales, $40 billion in the U.S. Kosher is not just “ethnic” food. Beyond gefilte fish and matzo ball mix, meats and poultry, kosher products exist in every segment of the food industry from to processed foods and drinks to cereal and condiments. There are more gourmet products than ever. The kosher food market is experiencing a 15% annual growth.
  • The annual New York kosher food exposition, Kosherfest, attracts an estimated 10,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors representing companies from 29 countries and 40 U.S. states.
  • The kosher section of supermarkets is growing, and more mainstream products are kosher. Almost every major U.S. manufacturer produces some kosher items. Chains like Whole Foods Market, Shaw’s, and Stop and Shop all carry more kosher products than ever.

We find an increasing number of the finest specialty products are also kosher—including such ethnic delicacies as Mexican ice creams and Yucatan guacamole, Japanese rice chips and soy sauce. Far beyond the European heritage of most Jews, the world is a now a kosher banquet.


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