Lavender Vanilla Chocolate

A bite of Michael Recchiuti’s Lavender Vanilla chocolate transports you to the south of France, with its infusion of Provençal lavender buds and whole vanilla bean folded in semi-sweet chocolate ganache. Enrobed in 41% Venezuelan milk chocolate, it’s part of the Black Box, Burgundy Box, and Green Box collections at

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Something Old, Something New

If you’re planning a traditional American dessert over the holiday weekend—apple pie, brownies, chocolate cake, pound cake—go à la mode with some not-so-traditional flavors of ice cream. Think lavender, coconut or lemon mint. Häagen-Dazs’s new Mayan Chocolate with cinnamon is one of our favorite H-D flavors. Reed’s Ginger and Green Tea Ginger Ice Creams, with chunks of crystallized ginger, are available at specialty stores nationwide including Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. If you can find Creme Fraîche ice cream or gelato—grab it!

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